360 Ad Design’s ‘Keep All Intruders at Bay’ Analysis

panorama smart camera 360 ad
panorama smart camera 360 ad

360 Ad Design’s ‘Keep All Intruders at Bay’ is a clever piece of marketing. Showcasing the capabilities of their 360 degrees view night detection and alarm system.

In the image, a robber is attempting to unlock a business storefront’s door. However he is also walking into a trap without realizing it. From the viewer’s perspective, we see that the shop doors lead directly into the back entrance of a police cruiser. Then the thief will be entering the prison after opening that door. Furthermore, the entire building is transformed into a section that stands in the dark. Creatively highlighting their 360 full view detection and HD human tracing at night. Giving the viewer a more accurate sense of the importance of “night vision & human detection, 360 degrees full view protection”. Ultimately convincing them to purchase the product.

360 Ad Strategy

In the advertisement, it is interesting to note that 360 Design as a company has seamlessly integrated. The very product they are trying to sell into their ad itself. The doors and windows of the store lead to what turns out to be a prison. Both entrance and escape routes for criminals have been closed off by this seemingly simple means of introducing 360 full view night detection. This is just one example of the many ways that 360 Design has successfully marketed itself in this advertisement.

The most striking feature of the ad is the robber is entirely unaware. Slowly progressing entrance into his prison cell. From a social perspective, it takes on a rather humorous nature to watch with intention as the robber’s movements move him into a jail cell. As the robbery attempt occurs at night and we. As the viewer, take on the perspective of watching from the outside in. It’s safe to assume that this man is unaware he is even being watched. His blindness to his surroundings makes for an awkward tension in the scene not present when one knows they are being watched.

Target Audience

The advertisement is most likely aimed towards a business-oriented audience. As a 24-hour security company, the target audience would consist of stores. As well as offices, and other business owners interested in protecting their assets from theft or vandalism. With this image designed to demonstrate night vision effects and human detection capabilities. Therefore it makes sense that the target demographic would be interested in having full view protection.

The ad itself seems designed to portray the company as a powerful and protective force in their line of work. Their product’s capabilities are shown through demonstration, as opposed to explicit explanation or narration. The advertisement is crafted not only as a marketing tool but also as an excellent example of how its capabilities.


The advertisement runs with the concept of ‘hidden danger,’ making for an exciting and suspenseful ad design. Furthermore, it is well crafted as a marketing tool that exemplifies the product’s capabilities being sold. To someone unaware of 360 Design’s capabilities, this advertisement would be very convincing.

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