The Baby Boomer’s Business Marketing Guide

Many Baby Boomers are in the prime years of their career progression. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Boomers have the highest rate of unincorporated self-employment of any age group, 15.5% in 2015. This may be attributed to the decades of experience some seniors have in their industry, compared to younger generations. One concept that Boomers may struggle with is marketing to today’s audiences. Here is a guide to promoting your company, presented below by The Ad Digest.

Find Your Target Demographic

Step one is to find your target demographic. This is one of the most vital aspects of effective marketing. Do research about your potential customers, including their average age and socioeconomic status. Find out how to reach them and identify your marketing message.

Redesign Your Website

The next essential is a well-designed website. Today’s customers flock to the web to learn about an organization’s products and services. Make sure your website is up to the task. Consider hiring a website designer to revamp your site and make it more appealing.

Take Control of Your Company’s Social Media

Your company’s online presence also needs a solid showing across different social media platforms. Aviva Senior Living notes that seniors need to master navigating different social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook and more to develop a strong brand voice and promotional strategy that works.

Look for Free or Low-Cost Tools

There are also plenty of free or inexpensive marketing tools available. When your marketing plan has multiple people or teams involved, you may also have numerous working documents. Find a low-cost PDF merging application to organize files in one document instead of tracking files in different formats. This helps save time looking for files and makes it easier to move PDF pages for content sorting.

Invest in Content Marketing

In addition to plugging your specific goods and services (of course), you should also invest in what’s called content marketing – that is, a kind of online marketing that focuses less on a specific product and more on generating overall interest in that subject or service. Content marketing allows you to increase your overall customer base while also increasing their knowledge of and interest in the service being provided.

Master the Art of Cross-Promotion

Next, partner with another business that relates to your product or servicing offers and do a cross-promotion. This strategy may give you a bigger boost than doing it alone. Some ideas include partnering with a non-profit to promote a neighborhood cause or using affiliate marketing.

Develop Quality Content

Your content online also has to be on point. Online content includes all of the verbiage from your website and social media channels. Additionally, any marketing materials you use in print format also must follow the same content guidelines you use online. Content should be original and customized to your target demographic.

Invest in Local Campaigns

Companies that use local marketing campaigns may also find more success in promoting to their target customers. Seniors can learn more about the local area of their business and put together strategies to appeal to people in the region. This includes using online tools like Google Maps or Yelp and traditional marketing methods like signage and direct mail.

Use Referrals and Networking

The last tip is to expand your business contacts network and develop more relationships with people in your industry. This could help you get more advertising through referrals and grow your customer base. Seniors can get out and spread the word about their business through meetings and conventions or use online messaging platforms and forums. You can also conduct door-to-door outreach. This “old school” approach of giving out your business card or flier, along with a handshake, is still very effective. Plus you can get in a little exercise by walking, which is made easier if you live in an area with a high Walk Score.

If you want to keep your business relevant in the digital age, use these techniques (whether it’s networking or creating a top-notch website for your business) to expand your marketing efforts. Seniors can use their expertise and years of experience to their advantage when promoting their business and find amazing success in marketing.

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