Guinness Ad Says Put Phones Down And Enjoy Drinks

phones stacked to look like beer cup

Guinness Ad Analysis

Guinness ad showing phones stacked to look like a cup of beer.
Guinness Ad by Guinness

The Guinness ad aims to convince drinkers to go out and enjoy face to face interactions while drinking at the bar instead of staring at your phone’s. The image of the advert shows a pile of smartphones stacked like bricks on top of a bar counter. Besides, the advertisement mentions additional benefits in the form of a discount and a free diagnosis. Therefore, the Guinness advertisement cleverly discourages people from using their phones in a bar or restaurant.

Guinness ad Strategy

The item used in the Guinness advertisement is a vital aspect of the ability to persuade the Guinness drinkers. Thus, the ad uses the image of different sizes and shapes of phones that recreate the silhouette of the Guinness glass. These phones have been stacked on top of one another, with the black bodies of the phones perfectly mimicking the dark coloring of Guinness and two silvery phones to form the head on top.

The ad is quite brilliant, since it makes its focus entirely on smartphones and beer. It illustrates its point by showing a pile of phones that have been set aside. In social settings, it’s so easy for a phone to become a crutch, but Guinness is taking a stand against people texting while you could be chatting up someone face-to-face.

Targeted Audience

The Guinness ad is structured to capture the attention of the target group. The advertisement targets mainly drinkers since they go to a restaurant or bar with their relatives or friends. Guinness ad is telling brand loyalists to put the phone down and enjoy good friends and good times.

Besides, the phrase ‘a small creature for your smartphone stack like a glass silhouette’ indicates that this advertisement specifically targets Guinness drinkers. This may be due to its shape and appropriate image for drinkers who go to bars and stare at their phone screen rather than enjoying their drink and a good time with their friends.


Whether you go to a restaurant or bar, you probably notice lots of people are eating or drinking with their smartphones out on the table in plain view. Also, checking cell phones in public has become like yawning.  This means, if one person in your group uses his/her cell phones, you may feel more comfortable doing it yourself. So, Guinness is campaigning against the usage of smartphones in a bar.

Summarily, the figurative presentation of Guinness ad is telling people to put their smartphones down and enjoy drinking reasonably. The choice of creative images and pictures may get attention because it’s not the same angle as other brands that are pushing tech interactions. It is using the color of cellphones to make a glass of iconic Guinness. Plus, it focuses on the consumer, and not solely the brand. They’re convincing people to disconnect and have a good time with their friends when drinking in a bar or a restaurant as well as purchasing Guinness as their choice of beer.

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