Land Rover ad by Land Rover
Land Rover ad by Land Rover

Land Rover Ad Campaign

In the Land Rover ad, Land Rover has been spending a significant chunk of its resources. Especially in maintaining a reliable customer touch. Land Rover is a company that is known for manufacturing versatile vehicles. Moreover, they are capable of withstanding the ruthlessness of rugged surfaces. Persuasion is key to the process of overcoming competition (Michalik and Miroslawa 46). Marketing has been ten playing a critical role in creating the required level of market presence. The paper, therefore, provides a case analysis for the company’s advertisement.

Land Rover Ad Strategy

The advert shows the apparent weight that it can withstand. A rugged landscape that has characteristics of the areas covered by wild animals. Therefore is a significant aspect that points to the typical use of the vehicle. The photo shows bare ground that is characteristic of adverse weather. Which has characteristics of the African savannah landscape inhabited by the animals.

Presentation of the vehicle as a versatile one. This is intended to ensure that it gets an edge over its competitors. The long-lasting feature provides that the company can make more sales. As well as at prices that are worthy of the identified features. A true capability is designed to ensure that the actual elements are created. And with the aim of highlighting the required functions.

A photo plays a critical role in presenting features. Thus, features that the company might find difficulty in expressing in words. Therefore, it shows that the vehicle is not limited to conventional routes. Which are defined in the appropriate circumstances. The exact relationship has been intended to develop a reliable resource. One that can provide value for money while allowing the users to explore their environment.


In conclusion, the company has identified the feature of versatility as the selling point for the vehicle. It defines the necessary approaches that are pegged towards developing unique experiences. This can enhance the market value of the product. It has been successful in presenting the vehicle as long-lasting with the capability of withstanding immense pressure.

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