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Lego Ad is Brilliant

It is surprising to discover that Lego has become the most popular part of the children’s toy market in three decades. Parents might feel that Lego is everywhere. With the brand’s massively successful film and magazine franchises always putting it front-and-center in Kid’s minds. This Lego ad is one of the most beautiful ads around. This series of print ads from Ogilvy Bangkok is just about perfect, from concept to execution.

Lego Ad Strategy

The painstakingly detailed work behind three print posters with the tagline ‘‘Build the future’’. This was awarded three Silver Lions and a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions festival. The creative print ads featured children visualizing and building their dreams from the inside with LEGO. In this advertisement, a child is seen inside a giant Lego suit representing an astronaut’s career. Lego’s creative team creates Log structures with CG (3D illustration). As well as photographs the kids that were to be placed within them.

Lego brand’s team brainstormed multiple times so that their final visuals are aligned. As well as use a background color that would represent each kid’s imaginative world. For instance, Lego didn’t just want to show the kid’s imagination. Still, they tried to make it look like they were taking part in their dream profession’s activity. Thus helping the realism of the overall advertisement campaign.

Targeted Audience

Lego’s ultimate advertisement analysis purpose is to inspire and develop children. Moreover, to think creatively, reason systematically, and release their potential to shape their future. The brand believes that the game plays a vital role in children’s growth and development. Therefore, high-quality play improves a child’s life and lays a strong foundation for adult life. By keeping this thought in mind, Lego releases their brilliant advertisement. Above all, with a precise and crisp tagline ‘‘Build the future’’.


A well-thought concept and creative strategy coupled with the perfect execution, make this a brilliant advertisement for Lego. With this advertisement campaign, the brand can attract the children’s attention and improve their growth.

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