The Magic of Storytelling in Advertising

the magic of storytelling
the magic of storytelling

When it comes to storytelling, brands that tell more stories sell more.

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most effective creative processes in advertising. Stories facilitate sharing, engagement, and understanding in ways few other techniques can. Many people tend to believe that data and numbers drive our actions, but unless it’s for a computer, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Picture the last time you bought a pair of shoes or a dress; what drove your decision?

Did the number of sales and stats drive your purchase, or did you purchase it because of how it made you feel?

Chances are, your purchase was driven by a story of that product/service you envisioned. Humans are emotional creatures, and these emotions often drive our actions. 

Still not convinced? 

According to research, telling a story helps people remember information better. According to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, when people listened to pitches that included either facts and numbers or a story, a mere 5% remembered the statistics. In comparison, a remarkable 63% remembered the stories. 

Now that you understand the significance of storytelling, what constitutes a good story? How do advertisers develop brand connections by creating customers’ desired atmosphere and experience?

Storytelling is a major aspect of every good marketing strategy, and you’ll need to master it if you want to develop your business. With that in mind, let’s dive into the magic of storytelling and how to apply it successfully to creative advertisements.

The art of storytelling in advertising

Advertisers are always looking for fresh ways to capture their customer’s attention and turn it into action.

But how can they do that?

For example, say there’s an article with stats about how response times in the ER could save lives or a heartbreaking story of a mother watching her son get critically ill because the ER was understaffed and slow. What would resonate with you more?

If you’re like 99.99% of people, the story will be what sticks out the most. Brand storytelling is important: numbers prove your argument, but the story is the point itself.

Telling your brand’s story will quickly set you apart from the competition. This creative process in advertising sets you apart and may help prospective customers trust and invest in you.

Benefits of storytelling in advertising

No matter what business you’re in, storytelling can help you connect with your audience and enhance your brand. When your target audience connects with your brand, they feel they are part of a community because you understand their needs and have their best interests in mind.

Creative advertisements have clout. For starters, because of the nature of great storytelling, your brand’s stories may stay with your audience long after they’ve been told.

The benefits of creative advertisements are:

1. It brings the human element to your content

Your interactions might feel quite transactional when you communicate with potential customers as a brand. And the truth is, it is. You provide a service/product for which your customer pays.

But, at the same time, we recognise that there is more to business than meets the eye. Your product was inspired by your personal needs or the needs of those you care about. And your desire to connect with your community fuels your desire to help.

2. It awakens empathy

Customers care about stories. You put them in the shoes of your protagonist by offering them a protagonist to whom they can identify and care. You are helping them care about what you want them to care about.

The mother watching her son in the ER appeals to all family members who have had sick relatives in the ER. And they can understand how the response times in ER can help save the lives of their loved ones. 

3. It conveys the personality of your brand

The set of human values and qualities your brand expresses is brand personality. This is “who” your customers communicate with when interacting with your brand.

In any business, a great brand narrative can help you stand out. You become more than just a business – you become a friend. This attracts prospects to your brand and converts them into loyal customers.

4. It engages your customers

Creative advertisements immerse your audience in the world you create. They are feeling compelled to buy your product/ service. 

Feelings engage your audience in an experience and retain them at the moment. It keeps people interested for far longer than a feature list could and creates an impression that captures their hearts.

5. It inspires and motivates your customers

Stories inspire and encourage people by tapping into their emotions and revealing both the good and the bad. Stories also help to build brand loyalty. Making a story out of your brand or product humanises and markets it automatically.

What makes a good creative advertisement?

Words like “good” and “bad” are subjective to a user. However, a few non-negotiable elements contribute to a good storytelling experience for both the reader and the teller.

Creative advertisements are

Entertaining: Good stories keep the reader engaged and interested in what happens next.

Believable: Good stories persuade readers of their perception of reality, making it easier to trust and participate.

Educational: Good stories pique the reader’s interest and add to their knowledge bank.

Relatable: Relatable stories remind readers of people and places they are familiar with. 

They help their audience recognise patterns in their environment.

Organised: Good stories have a clear organisation that helps convey the primary point and allows readers to absorb it.

Memorable: Whether via inspiration, controversy, or humour, good stories leave an impression on the reader.

Lego print ads are great examples of creative advertisements. There is a series of lego print ads by Ogilvy Bangkok, which is just about perfect.

For years, LEGO has become a brand that is synonymous with play and building blocks. The ultimate goal of this Lego print ad was to inspire and grow youngsters. Furthermore, they should be able to think creatively, reason logically, and unleash their potential to shape their future. 

By weaving a story of dreams and potential, this creative advertisement captured the hearts of many and became etched in their memories. 


Storytelling is one of the most effective methods for capturing attention, maintaining interest, and inciting action. Stories help you break through advertising messages’ monotony and build lasting relationships. With your creative advertisements, you could instantly connect with your intended audience, take them from their struggles to triumphs, and show them what you stand for with your story.

If you are a business looking to up the ante on your advertising game and come up with the most creative advertisement, then we’ve got you covered. Connect with our experts at iMark Infotech and see how we transform your advertising campaigns. 

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