Tips on Writing Brilliant Copy for Google Ads

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Google Ads has changed the world of advertising. Companies are now being ranked according to the search engine optimisation (SEO) levels and copy of their ads.

But when advertising your product/service on Google, you should keep in mind that you must value your customers more at the end of the day and not the search engine specifications of Google. So, if you’re not compelling or relevant to your target audience, your ads won’t work even if you top the Google Ads search list. Simply put, your job is to write ad copy that resonates with your target audience. So, how do you do that? What secret sauce makes good ad copy?

What is ad copy?

Firstly, you must know what ad copy is. Ad copy involves the elements that appear in your ad and can include a short description of your business, website or product. When your ad appears in front of your target audience, they should get a clear picture of the product or service. But aren’t creative elements and images enough to do that? What makes ad copy important? The answer to these questions is that creatives are indeed significant visual attractors. But as a matter of fact, Google Ads is basically led by content. So, ad copy is your biggest asset to get leads on Google.

If you want to know what makes good ad copy, follow these tips:

Add meaningful headings

Good headings come in eye-catching fonts and attract viewers. Using catchy phrases that compel your audience to read the article should be your approach. The heading must be catchy and meaningful at the same time. The heading should then be followed by a standfirst, which can be one or two sentences aiming to get the ad copy’s message across to the target viewership.

Use persuasive words

You must be clever with yourGoogle Ads copy; the copy needs to be information-rich yet attractive, while incorporating keywords and calls to action, as well as any facts or data about the product/service. This way, your ad can stand out from the other ads, increasing its conversion rate.

Goal-oriented ad copy is quite persuasive. It conveys the aim of your product/service while seamlessly integrating the persuasion to click or visit the link. Google searches are mostly keyword-driven, so having goal-oriented ad copy with the right keywords will improve your brand’s reach. This means even the general audience can connect with your ads. All you need is a mix of specific and general keywords in your copy.

But the primary intent must be clear while using keywords. Don’t use keywords unnecessarily or the consumer will lose interest since the message will sound distorted and unnatural. Good ad copy involves a balance of specific and general keywords communicating the aim of the product/service.

Less is more

Crafting ad copy is conveying the right message in the least amount of words possible. Short and crisp ad copy that represents the entire message is ideal. No matter what method you use for your ad copy, make sure it is compelling, concise and clear. If the message is not clear, your ad won’t work. Using short sentences and following a straightforward approach goes a long way. You can also use a chronological method to integrate all the relevant facts in your ad copy seamlessly.

Different examples of Google Ads copy

Here are some examples of ad copy that would rank high on Google and generate increased leads:

  • Goal-oriented and customer-centric ad copy will include words that explain how the product/service being advertised will save them time, or help them solve one of their biggest issues. If the customer needs your product/service, they will definitely buy it. Highlighting the benefits of the product or service in the ad copy helps the consumer get a clear picture of what shortcoming the product or service is capable of resolving in their lives. Take a look at this ad copy example: Say goodbye to lactose intolerance. Use our 100% organic almond milk. In this case, it is clear the product is organic almond milk being marketed to health-conscious individuals as well as those who need to stay away from lactose.
  • Use statistics and fact-driven ad copy to draw attention. For example, you could use statements such as: 90% of our customers showed increased health benefits with our private yoga program.
  • Use compelling real-life stories to connect with your audience. Take this story, for example: With the help of our weight loss program, Karen reduced 10 kilos in three months! Hear what she has to say about it.

to build your brand, your ad copy needs to connect with your audience. A strong message helps draw attention to the brand and empathises with the customer. This will increase organic traffic to your website.

  • Conversational copy is another tool to generate more attention for your ads. Asking questions compels the viewer to look for an answer. For example: Did you know you can get unlimited mobile data for half the usual price? This statement could be news for the viewer, who might proceed to click on the call to action (CTA) in this ad.
  • Use a CTA. This is the most basic tip for writing good ad copy, yet it is often overlooked. Action words create a sense of urgency and compel the consumer to click the CTA. An example of a compelling CTA would be: Get 50% off on all products. Visit our website now. You can also use other action words such as click now, outperform, download, watch, and win to increase traffic to your website.


Employ the tips mentioned above when writing copy for your Google ad and see what works for you. It is important to experiment since there is no straightforward formula to write ad copy that sells. Ask yourself: What value is this ad copy adding to the target audience? Are you giving them the solutions they are searching for? These questions will help you get started in the right direction and ensure your ad copy resonates with the right audience.

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