VGH Insurance Ad Analysis

VGH Insurance Ad by VGH
VGH Insurance Ad by VGH

The VGH Insurance ad “Alles kein Drama” is a whimsical look at modern problems through the lens of theater drama. The ad features a cast of seemingly Shakespearean theater actors posed on stage in the midst of a scene, posing and emoting with theatrical effect.

The looks of pain and anguish on their faces suggest death or murder has just taken place. Then the viewer realizes that the lead actress is holding a laptop with a smashed screen. The scene evokes the modern conundrum of having a broken screen on an electronic device. Be it a computer or cell phone.

VGH’s logo is featured in the upper right quadrant, and the words “Alles kein Drama. Mit der Neuen VGH Privathaftpflicht”, which means “None of the drama. With the new VGH private liability insurance,” is featured in the lower right third.

VGH Insurance Ad Strategy

The ad is a take on the modern phenomenon of the ubiquitous nature of our modern electronic devices. Many of which frequently have broken screens. Most viewers will instantly sympathize with the actress holding the broken laptop as the other actors look on in horror.

The message effectively communicates that VGH Insurance understands the modern problems of life. Which people often feel at a loss to deal with, like having a broken cell phone screen. The idea that nobody should have to suffer through these experiences is effectively communicated in this ad. Moreover, it will likely resonate well with most viewers.

Target Audience

Although it could target the entire population, electronic devices are now carried by everyone from children to the elderly. The usage of a laptop suggests it is aimed towards a slightly older demographic. As the younger audience would be much more familiar with a broken cell phone screen. An older audience may not own a laptop, computer, or tablet.

The use of slightly higher age actors and actresses could also be a deliberate choice to appeal to the more senior members of the population. Who are familiar with seeing these “Shakespearian” dramas on TV.

VGH Insurance Ad Creative Execution

By taking a simple modern dilemma like having a broken screen on an electronic device. This ad stands out among the myriad other insurance ads. Which features people posing and looking concerned or grumpy as they contemplate their current problems. This ad is far more engaging than many other similar ones thanks to its creative execution. Which results in a whimsical tone being established right from the start of the commercial. The viewer instantly identifies with the lead actress and her plight. The ad effectively communicates that VGH Insurance can help those faced with modern problems. And will do so without any drama that might arise from those situations. Implicit in this message is the idea of relief. As the insurance company will take care of all aspects of the problem for its customers.

Style/Production Quality

The style of the ad effectively communicates that VGH Insurance is a “hip” insurance company. Speaking to the nature of its target audience’s sensibilities. In addition, the director has gone for a somewhat quirky presentation. Which establishes an informal tone from the beginning, likely resonating with younger viewers who would associate themselves with such personalities.


This ad for VGH Insurance not only stands out from other insurance ads by being more creative in its approach. But also communicates the message that it’s a specialized insurance company that can handle any modern crisis that might occur.

The ad evokes the viewer’s sympathy by depicting an event that many people will find familiar and effectively communicates. Nobody should have to suffer through such a situation alone or with frustration. The ad’s tone further enhances this feeling by being light-hearted and whimsical. Creating the sense that this is a company that will lend you a hand.

The ad also effectively communicates that the insurance company will take care of everything for you. As an active participant in helping to solve your problems. In so doing, it becomes clear that VGH Insurance positions itself as an essential service. Especially when dealing with modern issues and that it is a company that any other competitor cannot replace.

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