Why Should You Know About the Importance of Reel Ads?

With TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame and popularity, it is no secret that people love short video clips. It’s led to a revolution in social media and the evolution of Facebook reels – the platform’s answer to short-form videos (under 30 seconds). Reels help users find new content and content creators. Statistically, Facebook ranks second in the short-form video category – just behind YouTube. It proves that reels inspire people with fresh content from brands and creators.

Reels can help creators and brands build an audience by reaching those they follow and extending to others that can be potential connections. While some of this happens organically, thanks to Meta’s reel algorithm, promoting the reels increases the reach to a much wider audience. Hence, reel ads!

Facebook Reel ads are short-form videos promoted in the Facebook Reels feed. So, how can marketers leverage reel ads in their marketing strategy?

According to Meta’s Facebook reel algorithm, reels get priority for distribution, making them a convenient tool for marketers trying to increase reach and engagement. Also, like interstitial ads, reel ads are placed between at least half a dozen organic video clips. As a result, marketers can reach out and potentially convert customers in a space where they are already spending time poring over organic content. If the creative advertisements for reels are compelling enough, there is tremendous potential in leveraging this format.

Another advantage of Facebook and Instagram reel ads is that they provide an immersive, built-for-mobile feature that works perfectly for users consuming content on the go. With reel ads, brands can showcase authentic stories uniquely to the community. From short tutorials to product updates, the sky is the limit! Even with a brief Facebook ad copy length, creators can experiment with different types of videos with the same core message using built-in editing tools like music, text overlay, audio clips, and special effects. By keeping the tone funky, such videos can grab the eyeballs of potential customers.

How to create reel ads on Facebook?

The creative process in advertising Facebook reels involves certain best practices. While Facebook reel ads are similar to Instagram reel ads, Facebook has its own set of best practices. However, like Instagram ads, Facebook reel ads will appear to the user only when they scroll through the full-screen Reels feed. This feed is accessible in more than one spot on the Facebook page and news feed – top of the page (next to Facebook stories), partway down while scrolling through the news feed, and from the menu.

Facebook reel ad specs – 

The ad creative for the Facebook reel should have a full-screen 9:16 aspect ratio. For best results, creators must use MP4 or MOV files that are 1080 x 1920 pixels. The Facebook ad copy length must be within 72 characters to avoid truncation. The file size for these 30-second videos must not exceed 4GB. 

Creating Facebook reel ads

Since Facebook doesn’t have a boost option for published reels, the advertiser has to use the Facebook Ads Manager. Using the Ads Manager, they can either promote an existing Instagram reel on Facebook or create a new reel with the help of a suite of editing tools – content trim, audio clip, text overlay, caption, effects, and so on.

Tips for a better viewer experience 

  • Although the audio feature is available in Facebook reels which is quite beneficial, historical data indicate that users have mostly viewed Facebook videos on mute. Advertisers must keep this in mind while creating reel ads and not put too much stress on audio. Therefore, text overlay (captions, short description, pricing, etc.), though optional, is necessary for a better user experience. The reel should be compelling with or without any audio clip to make it viewership worthy.
  • Leaving space at the top and bottom of the reel is recommended to avoid covering the content with the profile icon or CTA (call to action). Termed ‘Safe zones’ by Meta, these spaces should be free of logos, text, and other creative elements.

Creating Facebook reel overlay ads  

Another way to display ads in Facebook reels is by using the Facebook Reels overlay ad option.

By choosing the “Overlay and post-loop ads on Reels” option at the ad-set level in Facebook Ads Manager, ads can be placed as banner ads or sticker ads on organic content in the Facebook Reels feed. These ads appear like in-stream ads. Facebook Reels overlay placement and post-loop reels come together as a bundle. Post-loop reels appear at the end of an organic reel and are skippable by the user.

It is noteworthy how these ad reels look in a small 1:1 banner or sticker. The creative process for the reel overlay ads remains the same as the interstitial reel ads mentioned earlier. The only difference is in the timing. For overlay ads, Facebook allows only 4-10 seconds to run the ad. Content must be brief and compelling enough to get noticed! However, like any in-stream ad, a reel overlay ad can be highly effective.

Benefits of incorporating Facebook reel ads into the social media marketing strategy

  1. Adding reel ads to a Facebook campaign and running them in multiple placements – such as feed, stories, and reels – optimizes the ad delivery. Advertisers can also gain deeper insights by collecting the data.
  2. Facebook reels appear on a user’s news feed, whether they are connected or not. It means brands can reach out and connect with a new audience, carving out a whole new channel of community-building.
  3. Brands can show their playful and funky side using Facebook reel ads. Creative advertisements can showcase the brand’s personality while earning some brownie points from the audience. Opportunities are endless with the short-video format!
  4. Similar to other Facebook ads, by adding CTAs to reel ads, users can take actions that enable further interactions and website visits.

There’s no denying the level of exposure that Facebook reel ads give to brands. Making it a part of the marketing strategy can prove quite beneficial.

Have you tried Facebook reel ads? How was the experience and user response? Leave your comments below.

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