Advice for Writing an Effective Google Ads Ad Copy

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The following advice and tricks will help advertisers to maximize the potential of their ad copies:

Use the keywords to match the search query. 

Inserting keywords in an ad copy will enable the ad to match a specific search query. Therefore, an extensive keyword search is essential while creating an ad copy. Advertisers should determine whether the keyword works for a service or product. For instance, the search query for the best backpacks is related to a product, whereas the query for the best tour guides is related to service. The advertiser should try to match the customer’s search as much as possible to generate effective results from the ad copy. 

The keywords must be included in the description, display URL, and headline. Also, the keywords must be kept simple to ensure that your ads convince the customers to click on them.

Structure the Ad Copy Well

Structuring the Google Ads ad copy is the most important thing for an advertiser. Google AdWords offers three headlines and two descriptions for the advertisements. Each headline carries a limit of only 30 characters, whereas a limit of 90 characters is reserved for the description. Likewise, the limit for paths is only 15 characters. 

The limited word limit suggests that the ads must be crisp, concise, and to the point. Writing any fluff or unwanted thing will significantly affect the ads’ performance. An intelligent advertiser or marketing expert will understand what needs to be written. Instead of speaking just about the features, the ad copy will ensure the customers that buying their product or services is equivalent to solving their issues. 

For example, one advertiser writes about a Bluetooth speaker, saying that it can even be connected to a WIFI and has five different sound levels. The other advertiser writes, “An advanced Bluetooth speaker with five sound levels and WIFI connection”. Also, this advertiser puts up a catchy headline saying, “Take Your Speakers a Notch Up”. The first advertiser stated the features, whereas the second advertiser tried to match the users’ expectations by writing a catchy title and compelling description. Ideas like this would undoubtedly be helpful to advertisers and marketing professionals who want to establish their supremacy in the ad market.

Use Ad Copy Generator 

At times, the advertisers might fall short of ideas that can make their advertisement campaigns a success. An ad copy generator can provide great ideas and develop the entire ad copy from scratch. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and information provided by the advertiser to produce a perfect Google Ads ad copy.

  • Some ad copy generators seek information through questions that include:
  • What are the target audience and product?
  • Name of the product 
  • Issues that the product provides solutions to What are the main keywords?

Once the advertiser answers these questions, the ad copy generator generates an ad copy or multiple samples. These samples can be used as ideas to write a more effective and captivating ad copy. The other ad copy generator asks the advertiser to enter the website URL for which the ad copy has to be generated. Then, it pulls all the data from the website and presents some ad copies or ideas to the advertiser. The results might not be polished or perfect, but they provide valuable insights to the advertisers. 

Google Ads Copy Examples for Advertisers

PPC Ad by Upwork 

Upwork provides freelancers with online gigs and helps them connect with clients seamlessly. They have created a PPC ad encouraging freelancers and clients to sign up on their platform. The below image shows their ad:

The headline ‘Trust Your Job To True Experts’ is a catchy title to hold the attention of clients and freelancers. The description is perfect, and there are multiple call-to-action statements in this Google Ad ad copy. It encourages clients by saying that they will be collaborating with experts. At the same time, it instils confidence in the freelancer by referring to them as experts. Therefore, it proves to be an excellent ad copy that serves multiple objectives of the company.

JBL is a leading brand in headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other digital gadgets. It runs a compelling Google Ads ad copy to sell its earphones. The below image shows the ad copy:

It is an excellent Google Ads ad copy to lure the audience who prefer the latest devices and accessories to enjoy music. The headline ‘Take Your Music With You’ is perfect and mentions the brand and product name. The description is precise and covers all the features. The ad copy includes an extension of live pricing and call-to-action links. 


We hope that the pieces of advice and Google Ads copy examples will help advertisers to write engaging ad copies. While there are many ideas to explore, they must understand what works for their brand and audience.

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