How To Write The Best Google Search Ad Copy?

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It is a difficult job to write an engaging piece of content that inspires the audience to take a specific action. The job becomes much more complex while writing a Google search ad copy because of the character space limitation imposed by Google AdWords. However, with the proper practices and ideas, advertisers can write compelling ad copies without issues. This article will look at some of the best practices for writing a Google search ad copy. But let’s understand what a Google search ad is first. 

Google search ads are the ads that appear on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) whenever a customer types a specific query or keyword.

The search ads are closely connected to the keywords or questions entered by a customer. The search ads contain the following elements:

Headline: It is the title of the ad that explains what the product or service is about. Including the product and brand names in the title is a good practice. 

Display URL: A URL has to be connected to the website or app of the brand. This linking happens with the display URL. The advertisers must check if the URL works as intended or not before making an ad live. 

Google Search Ad Copy: It refers to the description where the advertisers get an opportunity to display their creative sense. An ad copy must convey the message clearly and highlight the features that solve the worries or issues of the target audience. 

Each of these ad copy elements has a specific character limit. The advertiser has to stick to these limits and create high-quality ad copy to impress the end users.

Tips to Make Google Search Ads Click Worthy 

Advertisers must be smart enough to include things that can make their ad copies click-worthy. Here are some tips that can help the advertisers:

Express the uniqueness of the brand

Customers might be seeing several ads in a day. Therefore, if a Google ad does not stand out, they will ignore it easily. Brands need to focus on the USP of their products or services. For example, if a brand sells water purifiers, they need to highlight how they leverage advanced technologies to provide pure drinking water to the customers. All the brand’s unique features must be highlighted so that the audience is compelled to click. Check the below Google ad copy for reference:

The Railyatri app allows customers to book tickets and track live train locations and coach positions through its website and app. The above Google search ad headline shows precisely what they offer, i.e., tickets and train status. The second headline emphasizes the first heading by calling it the best site to book train tickets. Highlighting the brand’s offerings like this would help advertisers to create impactful Google Ads.

Inclusion of keywords 

The inclusion of keywords in the ad copy is a must. Due to space limitations, assimilating multiple keywords might not be possible. In such cases, the advertisers must include at least one keyword that resonates the most with their brand. Whenever a customer enters a search query that contains that specific keyword, the Google search ad will be displayed immediately on top of the search results. 

For instance, if a brand sells running shoes, it must include keywords like best running shoes in the ad copy. Whenever a customer searches for running shoes, the ad will be reflected immediately on the screen. 

Don’t keep old ads 

Running old ads might bring customers to a website, but if the offer has already been removed, it will make the customers angry. Brands must include only the ads that are up and running on their website. Customers will trust the brand more and might want to avail of the offers and discounts. 

Include numbers 

Including numbers in Google search copies is an excellent way of attracting customers. Numbers get highlighted in the text and convey the message clearly to the audience. They also make the ad copy more specific and target oriented. 

For example, if a brand sells investment plans for senior citizens, it may include the phrase ‘for people above 60’ in the ad copy. It will not only make the ad copy more specific but will also increase the relevance of the ads. Sometimes, showing the exact prices and discounted rates in the ad copy might also work. However, including numbers in the ad copy is a good idea only if it is of some value to the audience. Otherwise, it is better to take them to the website’s landing page, where information about the products and offers can be provided in detail. 

Designing a dynamic landing page 

The website’s landing page must not carry any old offer or discount. Similarly, it must match the content of the Google search ad copy. Including particular elements of the ads on the landing page and elaborating them further is one of the best Google search ad copy practices. It improves conversion and helps meet the overall purpose of creating ads. Therefore, most websites use a dynamic landing page that allows them to add and remove content easily. 

Be creative 

One of the best Google search ad copy practices is to be creative while creating an ad copy. Clever and meaningful use of words can make an ad copy much better. Using plain and straightforward language can sometimes make a Google search ad copy boring. Also, due to the limited space, advertisers must develop the most creative ways of expressing their products or services. For instance, suppose that a brand is running a promotion for its smartphones that have high-resolution camera lenses. Instead of writing high-quality camera lenses, the advertiser can write ‘Capture the world in HD quality.   Parting words…

We hope the above tips and Google search ad copy best practices will help advertisers and marketers improve their ad copies. It is recommended that they try to deliver a message convincingly to the customers by making the most of the available space. 

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