AI Copywriting: A Comprehensive Introduction

AI Copywriting
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Surviving in the content marketing world is never easy. You need to have the speed, creativity, and resources to create content that is both attractive and useful to the reader. This is very important for both copywriters and businesses. AI copywriting can help assist with this.

It is no wonder that a top-notch copy written article can cost more than $5000. Also, finding a writer in a specific niche to do the writing never gets easier.

However, this industry has seen a huge boost with the introduction of AI copywriting. An AI writing tool is designed to help a human writer make excellent and cheaper content faster.

With AI copywriting tools, even businesses can reduce the reliance on copywriters. The tools can write anything from product descriptions to social media posts to long form content.

No wonder many bloggers, copywriters, and content marketing experts have a keen interest in these tools. It’s the most convenient way to get well done and fast content.

So, what is this AI copywriting? Is it good? And how can you use it to get more content for your website? We will be answering these questions in this comprehensive guide.

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What Is AI Copywriting?

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The internet world survives on content. When you have a website, it’s crucial that you make timely and updated content for your audience, which requires time and skills.

An AI copywriter is an AI-powered tool that creates content copy by following a certain set of instructions from the user. The tool will generate any content if you give it written information.

A writer can specify the details, including the tone and voice of the brand, title and outline of the content, and much more. It will then write the content that aligns with those specific requirements.

Some tools come with a monthly subscription, while others offer free packages. Whatever the case, you will find the tools very useful.

How AI Copywriting Works

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The AI copywriter works like a huge database connected to the linguistic skills and knowledge of the modern world. It uses the data it has seen and simulates the human brain’s operation in learning and processing information.

Do not be mistaken to think that AI is all-knowing. It can be directed to make content, but you must steer it right to get the best content.

When you feed your AI copywriter with blog ideas, you need to give it more than just the content brief. For instance, if you are writing an Ad copy, you must show what exactly you want to be included in the content. You will get a high converting copy based on the details you provide for the AI.

Understand that the AI copywriter will not come up with content marketing ideas. It is upon you, the writer, to be more creative and give it the details of what you want. In other words, an AI copywriter is not for lazy content creators as some people may have thought.

Steps to Generate Content Using a Copywriting Tool

If you are not careful, your audience will easily notice AI generated content. The robot does not capture human emotions automatically, hence creating content that is too generic. You need to steer it to the content and emotions you want to come out.

The specific process of generating content with AI tools may vary from software to software. However, they all follow a simple general format as detailed below.

Step 1: Subscribe to the tool

One of the most favorite tools is Jasper.ai . You can easily create an account and choose the package you want. You will also get a free account for the trial period.

Step 2: Select the copy you want to write

The AI can write anything. Choose whether you want social media captions, product descriptions, blog post titles, or other content.

Step 3: Give it the specifics

 Let’s say you are writing product descriptions; you need to give the AI tool more context for the project. This includes factual details like the topic, brand, and product. The content should also include the subtopic you want the AI tool to write.

Step 4: Set the scene

 AI tools rely on your details to make your content more appealing. Certain settings like the audience, tone, sentence length, and readability are crucial. The AI will gear the content towards that specific content.

Step 5: Generating the content

Once you have set the article outlines, you can then hit the generate button, and the AI will do the rest. Decide whether you are writing long-form or short-form content.

Step 6: Editing and proofreading

Just like human beings, AI copywriters are not 100% perfect. It’s, therefore, crucial to edit and proofread your work. The idea is to generate error-free content, add keywords, improve the title and set your outline properly.

Content that AI-Powered Tools Can Write

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An AI content generator can help you write much faster and bid goodbye to writer’s block. It can produce any content marketing material, as long as it involves writing. The most common materials include:


An AI writer makes writing a blog post very easy. You can easily give your tool the information you want, and it will work on the rest. Most tools can even create blog outlines, making your work even much easier,

Product Descriptions

Let’s say you want to write the description of your new perfume. The AI can help you come up with some creative ideas. But you will need to give it details like the name of the product, your brand, pricing, benefits, and more.

Ad Copies

An AI writing assistant gets you a written copy of an advert. As you may already know, writing something that captures people’s attention is not very easy. The AI can kickstart it you to include other, more relevant information.

 Landing Pages

Writing incredible landing pages that rank high with search engines is extremely challenging. But you can engage your AI copywriting tools with proper information, and they will do it for you. These tools can also create incredible SEO meta descriptions to easily capture your audience.

Advantages of AI Copywriting Tools

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There are several advantages of using AI to write articles. Consider the following:

  • They save you time. Human copywriters need to take time to analyze data before writing about it. This can take time. AI copywriters are connected to all internet information, making it easy for them to write.
  • Convenience. An AI can easily handle bulk content like product descriptions for eCommerce sites. Content marketers use it every day for such convenience.
  • It is cheaper. Subscribing to an AI tool is much cheaper than paying a human writer. Even tools on a pay-as-you-go are much cheaper. A trustworthy and well-updated tool can be a game changer for you – not to mention the free version.
  • Avoid “writer’s block.” A copywriting artficial intelligence can save you from the block dreaded by all writers. It can help a blog writer brainstorm ideas or create new blog content much more easily and faster.
  • Writes for multiple niches with greater consistency. It’s hard to find relevant information for certain industries when needed. For example, a writer may be tasked to write a caption for medical video content, but they are not familiar with the market. An AI will make things easier for them.

One thing writers love about AI writers is that they get creative juices flowing no matter the topic. And that is perhaps the biggest advantage. But there are those who still don’t find this very impressive.

Limitations of AI Copywriting Tool

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Even with all the advantages of content creation, AI copywriting is not all perfect. It has the following limitations:

  • It does not write anything truly original. A human writer can interact with their target audience during the content creation process and make original content. Conversely, AI relies on content already on the internet – it’s a machine that is ‘fed’ with other content.
  • No human emotions. No matter how good an AI-generated website copy is, it can never replicate human emotions. Sometimes writing articles requires that aspect, which is why it’s much easier for experts to differentiate such content.
  • They still need your 100% input. If you thought an AI would write your social media ads perfectly on its own, you are wrong. You still need to feed with relevant information to get high-quality articles. In other words, AI writing will not work without human input and thinking.
  • The tools are not good at picking ‘weird’ phrases. A digital Ad copy from an AI copywriter may make grammatical sense, but you must still read through to eliminate phrases that are not very correct.
  • It takes time to learn the tool. Before you write content using an AI tool, you must first learn it. For example, creating Instagram captions requires different settings from a blog title. It might not be the best tool for those who don’t like such complications.

Note: all AI copywriters can come in handy in supporting your marketing strategy, but they should never be a substitute for human writers. You can use them as a supporting toolbox.   

How to Choose the Right AI Writing Tools

Choosing the best AI Copywriter

AI writing software can be used as a collaboration tool for writers. But first, you need to discover and choose the right product. Here are the features to consider:

Key Features of the AI Writing Tool

Every tool comes with certain features that would make it stand out from other tools. Important features include:

  • Writing long-form content and short-form content
  • Chrome extension to connect to different other tools like Grammarly.
  • An intuitive interface for easy operation
  • Mobile integration and collaboration tools that support many content writing teams.
  • Advanced features like Boss Mode, Customer Train allows the AI assistant to write copy and content based on the brand’s voice.

Pricing structure

Check the pricing page of your tool. Most AI copywriting tools come in different packages so that you can pick one that meets your budget and needs. Be sure to link the prices with the features.

Content options and fast generation

You want a tool that can write as many content types as possible and does it within seconds. For instance, it should write YouTube descriptions, blog posts, product descriptions, and much more.

How Do You Improve Your Content Writing with AI Tools

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An AI article writer is a tool designed to help in the generation of great content. But it does not work on its own. It can write anything according to the instructions you give it. You can be sure it won’t write blog posts or relevant content unless you guide it. Here are some ideas to improve its performance.

Details Matter the Most

Giving copywriting tools enough details will steer it to write the content you need. For instance, blog post title, your brand name, key features, and benefits can increase your brand voice in your product descriptions. Also, it will not get too creative to deviate from your goal.

Give It the Right Tone

Your marketing content should be designed for a specific audience, which requires you to set the writing tone. The best thing about AI writers is that they can bring out that tone as long as you set it before you start writing.

Editing your work is crucial

Let your AI do all the writing, but do not trust it to write clean content. You never have a perfect copy, no matter the writer. So, be sure to proofread and edit your work thoroughly.

Challenges Copywriters Face that AI Copywriting can Fix

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Every writer understands the difficulty of making attractive content. Here are some of the general challenges you may have faced too:

Internalizing the Intention of the Article

A writer must read through the brief several times, and think about the goal and the audience to make a good write-up. An AI writing software automatically sets the tone in place once you initiate it.

Understanding Content Topic

Topic research can be very challenging. There are several factors to consider before you start writing, including the word count and where to place the most relevant information.

Getting a Clear Message Out

If you want to create a Facebook Ad but don’t know what to include in the content to make the message clear, an AI can help. The same goes for Google Ads and any other content.


Long form content is often very challenging to outline and generate copy ideas. An AI makes it seem very easy. Simply set the writer to create long-form blog posts and leave the creative aspect to it.


You need to incorporate SEO techniques like keywords, improving readability, and so on. It takes time and skills to present such an article. You will find doing this very easy with an AI tool connected to tools like Surfer SEO.


What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting is the use of AI tools to generate marketing content like blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and web pages. It supports human writers to create content more easily.

Do I Need an AI Writer?

Well, it depends on your writing needs and budget. If you need to make bulk content first, we recommend you use an AI writer.

Is there a free version of AI Writers?

Yes, all AI writers come with subscription packages. However, some include free tools, although they may have very limited features that won’t help a lot.

How do I use an AI copywriter?

First, subscribe to your favorite tool by creating an account. Then choose the content you want to write, include all the details, and set the tone. You can learn more from the tutorial section of a tool like Jasper.ai.

What tool I use

The tool I use is Jasper. You can get a free trial of Jasper.ai below.

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