How To Write a Perfect Facebook Ad Copy?

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Nowadays. Facebook ads are an essential part of marketing strategies. Most people, especially youngsters, are so addicted to this social media platform that they cannot spend an hour without scrolling through the posts. 

As billions of users worldwide use Facebook daily, it has become a beneficial advertising platform for B2C and B2B businesses. It gives a huge opportunity to showcase their products, offers, and brand values. However, creating an engaging and informative Facebook ad copy is not easy. The advertisement rules of Facebook keep changing, and the marketers must keep themselves updated to run their ad campaigns successfully.

Tips for writing a compelling Facebook Ad Copy 

Facebook ads work well because they allow advertisers to target specific niche audiences. The ads can be displayed to people of particular location, interests, and gender to make them more specific to the target audience. It also allows you to showcase your offerings to those customers who already like your brand page or to those who are their friends. Here are some tips for writing a compelling Facebook ad copy.

Match images with content 

Many brands don’t have access to many royalty-free images. However, they cannot run a Facebook ad without a picture. They might sometimes attach a photo that has nothing to the ad content. Therefore, they should focus on connecting appropriate images with their Facebook ad copy. 

Omit multiple CTAs

There might be different purposes for running a Facebook ad. The ad can be designed to increase the products’ awareness or obtain verified leads. Irrespective of the intention behind running the ad, advertisers must include a clear call-to-action statement in the ad copy.

Too many call-to-action reports can also create confusion. Sticking to one compelling call-to-action is recommended on most occasions. 

Keep ads crisp and short. 

Brands need to pay for every ad. Therefore, it is natural for them to be tempted to add too many features and details to the ad copy. However, advertisers must understand that keeping it short and simple works for Facebook ads. The message can be conveyed to the audience using a few simple but hard-hitting sentences. Here’s a Facebook ad copy example from Slack:

See how simple yet effective the Facebook ad copy created by Slack for its clients. The post expresses that employees don’t like to sit in pointless meetings. Instead, businesses can use Slack to improve communication between employees and stakeholders. 

Trigger urgency and curiosity 

Intelligent advertisers know how to create urgency and compel customers to try their products or services. The idea behind such Facebook ads is to generate curiosity among the audience through a catchy title and then ask them to download a file or read a blog to get their questions answered. For instance, the below Facebook ad copy by 360Learning shows how to grab the attention of customers and get them to take specific actions by creating a sense of urgency:

Here, the title ‘Netflix for learning doesn’t work is specifically directed toward the people who indulge in binge learning. However, to find out why it does not work, they must click on the CTA ‘Get the EBook’. Their curiosity and urgency to know something can be channelized to make them download the content. 

Open up to new niche audiences 

Today, people who use Facebook or any other social media channel are more responsive to contemporary issues and solutions. Brands can integrate exciting and trending topics to make their Facebook ad copies enjoyable. At the same time, they can also talk to a sensitive audience and subtly sell their products or services. For instance, the below Facebook ad by Dollar Shave Club is both meaningful and exciting:

In this Facebook ad copy, Dollar Shave Club talks about gender neutrality and inclusiveness without fussing about it. Also, such ads target the audience that believes in equality and wants to connect with brands that dare to talk on sensitive topics.

Use Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are pretty popular because it gives the viewers a choice to go through the entire content without having to watch a video. Carousel ads also provide extra space to the advertisers, enabling them to utilize their creative senses freely. The below carousel ad by Brainfolder is unique, entertaining, and catchy at the same time:

Here, multiple creatives are connected by a typical sentence ‘Creatives, and Marketers need each other like…’. Then, some funny real-life examples are added to make it fun and unique. Also, the viewer gets enticed to view the remaining creatives. This makes the ad memorable and gives the brand a chic vibe that can be utilized to increase its subscribers. 

Be clear with numbers 

Including numbers or statistics can make a Facebook ad much more successful. People easily understand the ad’s purpose if it is explained with numbers. However, brands should not include false or incorrect numbers in their ad copy, or it might upset the customers when they visit the website. For example, the below ad from Ball Honda mentions all the financial aspects and gives a clear picture to the audience:

The above ad is shared only with the customers who have visited their website. Also, it mentions the date on which the offer ends along with other details regarding the leasing of cars. Such ads might not look impressive at first glance, but they are helpful for the audience who read and understand most things about the offer before making a decision. 


We hope the advertisers got some valuable information about writing a Facebook ad copy. Getting Facebook ads suitable for the first time may not be possible for everyone. However, if they follow the right tips and recommendations, they can create impactful Facebook ad copies in the long run.

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