Chupa Chups Lollipop Ad — It’s Sugar-Free!

Chupa Chups Ad Analysis

Cupa Chups ad of sugar free lollipop on floor with ants going around it.
Chupa Chups ad by Chupa Chups

In today’s market, Chupa Chups is a popular lollipop brand. Its most delicious lollipops are sold in over 50 countries in the world. Recently, they released an attractive ad of their sugar-free lollipops! Here is Chupa Chups Ad.

Chupa Chups Ad Strategy

The red lollipop with the slogan “it’s sugar-free” is the most attractive part of this advertisement campaign. While this ad is simple, its message shows an amazing picture of their product. When you look at the picture, you will notice a lollipop that has been dropped onto the floor and there are some groups of ants passing by the lollipop. This shows that lollipop is sugar-free as the ants don’t like things without sugar, so they avoid the lollipop. In fact, in this advertisement, the ants are much related to the nature and concept of the product itself.

Normally, it has been noticed when companies advertise the sugar-free products they bore you with the dull health guilt trip. They like to make you feel bad about your overweight so that they can sell you a different healthier version of the same product that made you overweight in the first place. Normally, those companies state the benefit far too clearly for doing this. It is very complicated to stand out from the crowd in the market when the message is so common with such products and you end up washed up with everyone else.

Chupa Chups used a creative way to describe and show the quality of their product. From the design to the creativity, this image alone is the best to describe Chupa Chups “sugar-free” lollipop. The success of this ad depends on clearly communicating the benefit without getting caught up in the above mentioned trap.

Targeted Audience

People, especially sweet lovers and kids are the main targeted audience of this ad campaign. The image of this advertisement can get many people’s attention due to an attractive colored subject and contrasting background. As people know that ants are attracted only to sweets and it’s not usual for them to see ants pass by, they will be interested in Chupa Chups’s sugar-free lollipops.

This strategy of ad campaign explains that they created a confident statement that ants don’t want it just because it is sugar-free. They are showing a new perspective about lollipops that not all lollipops contain sugar especially if it is Chupa Chups lollipop.


A well-thought concept and strategy coupled together with perfect execution make this a powerful ad for Chupa Chups lollipops. With this ad, the brand can convey the information and grab the attention of the public. They can convince people to change their own opinions and interpretations. Chupa Chups made this sugar-free ad to gain more consumers and profit. Other companies can also use this ad strategy for enhancing their image to the public.

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