Pepsi Ad Teases Coca-Cola With Funny Halloween Campaign.

Pepsi Ad by Pepsi
Pepsi Ad by Pepsi

Pepsi Ad Analysis

Pepsi Ad during Halloween showing that they are better than Coke.
Pepsi Ad by Pepsi

Pepsi Ad Strategy

Directly mentioning a competitor in an advertising campaign can be a bit risky. Although Pepsi avoided any copyright issues with the exchange of “C” and “L” in the Coca-Cola logo. PepsiCo celebrated scary Halloween with advertising displaying a Pepsi can in a red “Cola-Coca” cape. In addition, the direct poke at rival Coca-Cola carried the text “We wish you a scary Halloween!” Because of this, the advertisement grabs great attention on Facebook and Twitter. Thus promoting an unofficial response from Coca-Cola with the text “Everybody wants to be a hero!”

Targeted Audience

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have long crowded for their respective shares of the beverage industry. More importantly, the latest funny Halloween-themed advertisements show that two brands are still eager to have fun with the competition regardless of their challenges. Both Pepsi and Coke face different challenges like flattened consumer demand, saturated markets, and sliding beverage things. Moreover, the two can always count on each other to provide some healthy competition and with the latest Halloween advertisements, they got just that.

This is a great example of how brand promoters can save the day for you. Recently, Pepsi ran a social media campaign on its Facebook and Twitter pages that received a great deal of attention. For instance, Coke and Pepsi and other rival brands often use each other’s names in commercials and other advertising. However, you can land yourself on the risk of rebuttal if you do the same. In that case, you should have a perfect idea as if your idea is bested by the rebuttal, you lose and this can be just wastage of money and time.


Pepsi uses this ad campaign strategy for the strength of their brand advocacy. In classic company competitions like this one, consumers take sides and will protect their favorite. So, always play up to your strengths, tap, and reward your brand advocates. Never underestimate the value of smart marketing and taking advantage of your competitor’s weakness.

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