Examining The Impact Of KFC Print Advertisements

KFC advertisements

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), one of the largest and most popular fast-food chains, has always been in the spotlight for its brilliant ad campaigns. Their advertising strategy and out-of-the-box creativity reflected through print ads have gained immeasurable popularity over the years. Not only has it increased sales, but also made KFC a household name in the fast-food industry.

The realistic pictures accompanying the KFC advertisements give the impression of visualizing the original product. This imagery, along with the well-thought-out captions and descriptions, encourages buyers to crave their products. For a long time, print adverts have been boosting brand reputation and building client relationships. KFC, as a brand, has been highly successful in this field. Read this article to learn more about the strategy of KFC print advertisements. Let us analyze the impact of some of their most famous print ads.

Who is the Target Audience?

KFC has always managed to direct its print adverts to the correct groups of individuals who have helped the brand grow. It is because their marketing team has invested adequate time and research to define their target audience. 

  • The primary customers are adolescents and young adults who indulge in impulsive dining.
  • The secondary customers are family members who often prefer ordering and dining in, bonding with each other over food. 
  • The tertiary group is the ones looking for a budget meal. That is why most KFC advertisements portray budget combos and discount offers.

KFC Print Advertisement Strategy Explained

KFC makes maximum use of the persuasive technique in its print ads. It uses true-to-life images of the foodstuffs to make them appear appealing. It boosts the demand for their products. Additionally, the witty and informative captions add value to the KFC advertisements. Almost every fast-food connoisseur knows the famous “It’s finger-licking good” slogan.

Another strategy is adding numbers symbolizing budget-friendly prices, discount percentages, super-saver offers, and more! The red color is always prominent in their print ad copies as it catches the attention and triggers a hunger response.

For instance, this print ad released in India depicts delicious food products. Moreover, the ad makes use of figures to convey the special offers. The catchy caption denotes that a group of individuals can easily share this meal. The entire ad is in the backdrop of red, stirring gastronomic desires among its viewers.

KFC Print Ads Creatively Promoting their Products

KFC is well-known for using creativity as a benchmark in its print ads. Let us take a look at the following ads and analyze their impact.

The above ad uses fine imagery to portray the crunchy pieces of chicken wings. They are bound to make the viewer’s mouth water. The caption suggests that its competitor brands may not use the hand-breaded technique. It attaches greater importance to flavor, urging the viewer to try them out immediately.

This ad features a rock concert going on. The fireworks in the background correlate with the spicy flavors of the chicken. The flames going up symbolize the shapes of the chicken cuts.

Impact on Customers

These ads trigger the hunger and craving response in their viewers. The clever strategy blended with the perfect execution is instrumental in boosting sales.

KFC Print Ads Depicting a Cause

KFC is famous for campaigning for a cause. The “Add Hope” campaign, as depicted in their print ads above, collected donations to fund meals for malnourished children. It lets customers donate 2 Rand to feed a hungry child whenever they purchase any KFC product.

Impact on Customers

The brilliant addition of “hope” to their menu won people’s hearts globally, especially KFC’s loyal fan base in South Africa. It was a clever strategy by KFC to raise funds and increase their brand awareness simultaneously. The concept spread to other countries as well, creating greater outreach.

KFC Print Ads Apologizing for Chicken Shortage

The story behind this ad dates back to the time (early 2018) when KFC suffered supply (of chicken and other ingredients) issues due to the collapse of its UK operations. The ad was an apologetic response to the disruption caused to its consumers during this temporary crisis. The print ad cleverly rearranges the letters of KFC to sound like an expletive, mainly to draw attention. The text below represents a mass apology and explains the steps to fix the issue.

Impact on Customers

The ad initially took customers by surprise. However, gradually, they understood the purpose, and KFC was again able to reinstate their trust. KFC advertisers used the print media to apologize to its consumers regarding the unavailability of chicken. Through this ad, KFC teaches us the importance of traditional paid media to help get a brand’s sales going after a crisis.

KFC Promotional Print Ad Campaigns

The ad above came out in 2018 during the FIFA World Cup in Russia. KFC, one of the official sponsors, grabbed the opportunity to design an advertising campaign around it. The chicken leg piece, depicted in the print ad, resembling the World Cup trophy, was a clever take and appealed to many.

Impact on Customers

The ad ended up increasing sales for the brand. World Cup football is a game people enjoy viewing at home, curled up in front of their TV sets. The ad urged customers to order meals from KFC while enjoying the match.

Key Takeaway

KFC advertisements via print media have helped increase the brand’s credibility, distributing its reach to the target audience and standing out from the competition. The brand’s continuous endeavor to improve its advertising techniques has helped it engage more customers effectively. Therefore, it is no wonder that KFC ranks second in the Forbes list of the top 10 global fast-food chains.
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