What Makes Good Ad Copy? Exploring The Essentials

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How often has an online ad persuaded you to buy a product? Have you subscribed to any product offers or made any purchase decision based on an ad? In creating a Google Ads ad copy, an ad must stand out to be successful. Copying what the competitors are doing will only dampen the ad campaign.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising uses short-form ad copy. Detailed product descriptions, which include testimonials, key features, and service benefits, use long-form ad copy. Whatever the form, the ultimate aim of a good ad copy is to encourage prospective customers to take action on the offer and increase sales. The first steps in creating a compelling Google Search ad copy are to define the goals and understand the target audience’s pain points. This article discusses the features and prerequisites of creating an ad copy that sells.

Importance of Having a Good Ad Copy

Why is crafting a well-thought-out Google Ads ad copy essential for any marketing campaign? The following points illustrate the reasons:

  • It helps increase conversion rates.
  • It helps enhance lead generation and directs more traffic toward your website.
  • It increases brand awareness.
  • A good Google Search ad copy can make a company listing rank higher in search engines. It increases the firm’s profit and boosts sales.
  • It stimulates the target audience to take the next step.

How to Know If Your Ad Copy Works?

How does Google define conversion? When someone interacts with an ad and takes action valuable to the business (for example, an online purchase, communication through call or email, or subscription to offers), one can say that the ad copy is working.

Usually, it takes between six to twelve months for an ad campaign to show results. A company can determine whether its ad copy is working by tracking sales before, during, and after the engagement. Social media interactions, coverage, website traffic, and conversions are other means to analyze the effectiveness of a Google Ads ad copy campaign.

The 10 Essentials of a Good Ad Copy

Some ads become a part of one’s memory. What is it about these ads that make one stop and notice? The magic lies in a well-crafted ad copy. Although a lot has changed in the ad copywriting business, the fundamentals of designing good ad copy have not. The following section describes ten crucial elements of writing a good ad copy.

1) It should grab the reader or viewer’s attention

Catchy slogans, impressive imagery, and appealing design attract the audience’s attention. The originality and clarity of the ad copy help in improving engagement. 

2) Simplicity is the best policy

A successful ad copy is simple, focused, and concise. It should deliver a clear and straightforward message. Flowery language and fluff do not work while writing a Google Search ad copy.

3) Convince and suggest

The tone of a good ad copy must be convincing. It should support credible and solution-focused content to leave an everlasting impression. The ad copy must earn the trust of the reader/viewer and highlight the necessity of the product.

4) It should be worth remembering

A good Google Ads ad copy is one that the customer will not easily forget. The ad copy must ensure that the product sticks to the mind of its target audience. Repetitive advertising utilizing engaging slogans is one way to do it.

5) It should make honest claims

The ad copy must set realistic expectations of the brand that is true to its offering. Substantiating the claims with the help of social proof is among the most effective Google ad copy best practices. Misrepresentation of facts is not a characteristic of good ad copy.

6) It should reflect the brand’s voice

The ad copy should resonate with the brand values. It should contain pertinent information regarding the features and use of the product. Users should start relating to the brand when they see or read the ad copy.

7) It should include a compelling offer 

The ad copy must be enticing and persuasive. It should present an attractive offer that will motivate the viewer to make a constructive decision directed toward the brand’s growth. The ad copy must convey the tangible benefits of availing the offer to the prospective customer.

8) It should contain an instinctive value

A good ad copy appeals to the instincts of the audience. It should induce, persuade and motivate the prospects to understand the product and utilize its benefits.

9) It should be easily accessible across platforms

Since shoppers today consume a wide variety of online content, the ad copy should be available for viewing on multiple social media platforms. It helps increase the brand’s reach and visibility across more channels, such as blog posts and YouTube videos. 

10) It should include a call-to-action (CTA)

The ad copy should provide a means to culminate into the necessary action. Adding a call-to-action (such as “Call us now” or “Click here to buy”) tells the prospective customer about the expected next step. It should also direct them to a telephone number or email if they want to communicate.

Final Thoughts

Writing a good ad copy is all about understanding and defining the customers’ needs and intent. A good ad copy must mirror the customer’s goal by addressing their pain points. By utilizing Google ad copy best practices and channelling creativity, one can craft the perfect ad copy for their business. Always remember the essentials of drafting a good ad copy that will engage your audience and not bore them. As the advertising tycoon David Ogilvy states, “When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing each of them a letter on behalf of your client.”
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