Crafting Google Ads Copy Examples That Drive Results

Google Ads ad copy

These examples of Google Ads ad copy content display how one can captivate the reader’s attention using straightforward language. Adding the brand’s USP through an appealing offer is an excellent way of driving traffic towards the website.

What is an ad copy? It is a strategic content piece designed to encourage the consumer to take the necessary action, helping it to convert. Businesses use it as a powerful tool of persuasion. Writing good ad copy is a crucial aspect of any advertising campaign. Keep reading to learn about the strategies while crafting a compelling ad copy and how to use Google ad copy best practices efficiently.

Why Should You Use Google Ads in Your Marketing Campaign?

Whether a large firm or a start-up, Google Ads can help achieve a business’s expansion goals. It is one of the best available tools for lead generation. Here are the chief reasons why you should use the Google Ads feature:

  • It is a flexible marketing tool suitable for all kinds of organisations. One can set budgets for specific areas of the campaign.
  • It sends targeted leads to a website and increases its visibility.
  • It has a massive reach.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface to track results (clicks and impressions) without hassle.
  • It ensures faster results.
  • It provides information about customer behaviour, which helps restructure the existing Google Search ad copy.

How to Craft a Google Search Ad Copy That Converts?

Creating an ad copy that converts need not be time-consuming or complicated. It needs to engage prospects and persuade them to take the next step, leading to conversion. Here are some tips to craft a Google Ads ad copy that drives leads. 

  • Choosing the Right Keywords 

Proper keyword research and utilisation help create a compelling ad copy. The Google Search ad copy must incorporate target words that customers use in their queries.

  • Identifying the Customer’s Intent

Understanding the pain points and search intent helps devise a suitable ad copy. Being specific is the key.

  • Focusing on the Headline

The ad copy must contain a headline that grabs the reader’s attention. It should make them stop and read. Remember that the best headline always gets the click!

  • Correlating the Landing Page with the Ad Copy

The landing page must deliver what the ad copy claims or promises. Clicking on an ad copy after reading about an offer and finding out it has expired will frustrate the customers.

  • Keeping It Concise

While crafting an ad copy, simplicity is the best policy. Straightforward language, concise terms, focusing on the benefits instead of the features and avoiding flowery language are the trademarks of a good Google Ads ad copy.

  • Including a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Using action-oriented language while drafting the CTA is crucial. A good CTA encourages the reader to take deliberate action directed towards generating conversions.

  • Using ad Extensions

Extensions provide ads with greater visibility on the search engine page. It increases the number of clicks and helps prospective clients reach or contact the firm.

  • Checking the Demographic Data 

Ensuring that the ad copy includes keywords that make it appear in local listings is a clever approach. Analysing the demographic data (socioeconomic information of prospects) conveys which customer segment is converting more.

  • Highlighting the Benefits

The ad copy should focus more on the product’s benefits than its features. At one glance at the ad copy, the viewer must understand how beneficial the product will be.

  • Mentioning Promotional Offers

Enriching the Google Search ad copy with mentions of offers, discounts and sales drives more results. People are interested to know what the company can offer that their competitor cannot.

  • Incorporating Social Proof

People would surely like to purchase from businesses where others have had a good experience. Therefore, projecting the trust factor in an ad copy is essential for it to convert.

Some Examples of Effective Google Ads Ad Copy

The following section presents five excellent Google Ads ad copy examples that generated an impressive click-through rate.

1) Mentioning the Add-on Benefits

With a range of streaming services at one’s disposal today, Amazon Prime Video came up with this ad copy highlighting its benefits. The choice of words is minimal and yet speaks volumes about the offers. The term ‘Download and Go’ is a clever hook for conversion.

2) Using Figures and Listing Services

Using ‘today’ in the caption, which reads like a CTA, is a clever strategy because it portrays a sense of urgency. The ad copy uses numbers to grab attention. It also lists its services reminding the reader/viewer of additional tasks.

3) The ‘This, Not That’ Technique

Although the ad copy uses ‘alternative’ in the heading (to encourage prospects to consider), the ad copy is about choosing Semrush over its competitors. It is like saying that there are alternatives for sure, but Semrush is the best!

4) Indicating Social Proof

The heading ‘trusted by largest brands’ indicates the brand’s reliability quotient in a few words. The word ‘all-in-one’ signifies a comprehensive approach highlighting the benefits.

5) The 24/7 Availability Approach

This ad copy is helpful for the ‘near me’ searches. For instance, a person looking for a plumber on an emergency basis will find this ad extremely useful. It is because the ad copy not only lists the services on offer but also mentions that it is available 24/7.

Key Takeaway

Following the Google ad copy best practices and keeping it simple, one can design the perfect ad copy resonating with the brand voice. Although every business is different and requires a unique marketing approach, one can never go wrong with an ad copy that sells.
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