Ad copy is a tool of communication to send the message across to the consumers. Their job is to help increase conversions. They are the crux of your marketing activities. They are used in a variety of scenarios via a variety of platforms. Google and Facebook are the key platforms used to display your ad copy. Eager to know more? Keep reading.

What are Google search ads?

Have you ever noticed that when you search for something, there are results that appear at the top of the page with “Ad” written to their left?

Yes, those are what we call Google search ads.

How do they work?

The working of Google search ads is not at all hard or complicated. Whenever anyone is interested in something, they perform a simple google search about it. Now, brands run ads on those keywords to appear at the top of the search results.

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind while running ads on google. A few of them are the quality score, keywords you are targeting, and your keyword’s match type.

A brand can run various types of campaigns like google search campaigns, google display campaigns, video campaigns, app ad campaigns, and shopping ad campaigns as well.But, for a successful campaign, we need a great Google search ad copy.

What is Google search ad copy?

The headline and its explanation below it are called Google search ad copy. It majorly includes the meta description and the headline.

What are Facebook ads?

The posts we see on Facebook with “Sponsored” written on top of them are Facebook ads.

The biggest difference between Google search ads and Facebook ads is targeting. On Facebook, you choose the demographics of your audience and target them accordingly.

The demographics include the target audience’s age, gender, the operating system they are using, the kind of device they are using (tab, mobile, or laptop), website visitors, and much more.

What is Facebook ad copy?

The text we see in those sponsored posts is the Facebook ad copy, and it plays a massive role in the ad’s performance.

Now that we know what google search ads and Facebook ads are, let’s learn about 9 tips for writing a high converting ad copy.

1. Understand your target audience

Imagine not knowing who you are talking to. Weird, right? Similarly, the chances of your ad copy performing better are way higher if you understand your target audience. To understand your audience, ask questions like their likes and dislikes, their pain points, what their lingo is, etc. Doing this will give you a considerable edge.

2. Use statistics and numbers

Why statistics and numbers? Because it sets expectations beforehand. Using numbers in your ad copies has been proved to increase the click-through rates of campaigns.

Also, consider exact numbers instead of round numbers as people often trust exact numbers more.

3. Don’t forget to A/B test

You can never be sure what might work and what might not. That’s where A/B testing comes into place. Also called split testing, it is where we test ad copies to find the best performing one for getting better results.

4. Know the objective

The objective is like the intention behind doing something. Do you aim at getting more brand awareness through the ad copy, or are you more inclined toward getting sales and leads?

Finalize an objective and keep it in mind while writing the ad copy.

5. Benefits Over Features

Imagine an ad copy where you are told that a mobile phone has 6GB RAM versus a copy where you are told that your phone won’t lag while using it. Which one would you be more attracted to? The second one, right?

Features tell you about the product, and benefits tell you how the product will help you.

6. Show social proof

Social proof refers to reviews and testimonials of your existing customer base. And, showcasing the number of customers you’ve served in the past or reviews from them can help you boost your conversions with them.

7. Create FOMO

Have you ever felt like you wanted something just because your friends had it? If yes, then you’ve experienced the fear of missing out, or what we call FOMO. It has an impact on a lot of people, and using it in your ad copy can work wonders.

8. Ask questions

Curiosity comes naturally to humans, and asking questions is one of the factors that can trigger it. It would play a huge role in making your copy click-worthy as people will click on it out of curiosity.

9. Always have a call to action

What is the viewer supposed to do after reading your ad copy? Are they supposed to leave it just like that, tap on the link, or tap on the button? Mention that. The call to action gives direction to the funnel.


An ad copy is the text we use in our advertising campaigns to increase conversions. Therefore, we can say that focusing on a great ad copy is just as important as focusing on great creatives and ad targeting.

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To write an ad copy, understand your audience, use numbers and statistics in it, have a call to action at the end, show urgency, scarcity, and social proof.

The job of an ad copy is to achieve the campaign objective.

Google search ads allow brands to rank at the top of the search results. Also, the better your google search ad copy, the better will your ad perform.

Facebook allows brands to target specific audiences of their choice, enabling them to get in front of relevant audiences. The better your targeting, the better will your Facebook ad copy work.

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