Why do businesses prefer Facebook ads? Here are 7 tips for writing click-worthy Facebook ad copy

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

Do you know the number of people using Facebook? 2.9 billion.

Yes, according to research by Statista, that is the number of people who use Facebook at least once a month. That’s almost half of the entire world.

Here are the leading countries based on Facebook audience size as of January 2022

What does this mean for businesses? It means it just got easier for them to reach out to their potential audience. Companies can easily use Facebook’s advertisement service to promote their product or services on a global scale.

However, proper utilisation of Facebook ads needs a good understanding of the service as it comprises a lot of things like the ad copy, the ad creative, etc. Let’s understand why businesses prefer Facebook ads in the first place.

Why do businesses prefer Facebook ads?

It is a no-brainer that no matter what you are selling, you cannot sell it to everyone. That’s why while advertising, you have to keep your target audience in mind. This is when Facebook’s ad targeting feature comes into place. Not only does Facebook have a huge audience base, but it also allows companies to target the right target group relevant to their brand. Hence, you can tailor your communication strategy according to the demographics and psychographics of your audience.

Here are a few ways Facebook allows you to target your audience:

  • Demographics: Here, Facebook allows you to target exterior features like the age and gender of your audience.
  • Behaviors: It enables you to target someone who has acted in some specific way with your website, for example, visiting your website in the past 90 days.
  • Interests: We all are interested in something or another, aren’t we? Similarly, Facebook allows you to target people based on their interests.
  • Lookalike audiences: Do you want to target people who are like your existing customer base? Facebook lets you do that as well.

Now, we know about Facebook ads, but we also need an excellent copy to make our advertisement truly effective.

You might be exceptional at ad targeting, but an excellent copy can multiply the results the ads give you. And, we have decided to make it easy for you.

7 tips for writing a Facebook ad copy that works like crazy:

1. Make it simple and easy to understand

Would you read something with complicated ideologies and words or read something simple, quick, and easy to understand? Exactly why you shouldn’t be complicating things for your audience either. Try your best to make your Facebook ad copy as simple and easy to understand as possible.

2. Be direct with your pricing

What’s the cost of your product/service? Are you giving a discount? If yes, then how much? Mentioning the pricing details in your ad copy provides the reader with clarity. One of the best things about doing this is that it filters potential customers beforehand because only those who agree with your price will continue to read your ad.

3. Test various ad copies

Sometimes, some things work, and some things don’t. Similarly, some of your ad copies might work, and some won’t. To figure out which ones are working and which ones are not, you need to test your ad copy. When we go shopping, we all try out multiple dresses before finalising one or a few of them, don’t we? Doing the same with your Facebook ad copies would positively impact your conversion rates.

4. Use emotions and back them up with logic

We all are not just human beings but emotional beings. Including emotions in your ad copy can give you wonderful results. But, including emotions would make sense only if you can back them up with logic. If you tell people that they would love your product, tell them why. Feel free to make claims but back them up with data.

5. Add social proof

You wouldn’t buy from a brand you don’t trust, would you? No, right? Similarly, your audience needs to trust you to buy from you. Adding social proof to your ad copy can help you gain the audience’s trust.

For example, Buffer highlighted how brands and customers worldwide trust them simply with numbers. Numbers themselves proved the impact of the brand.

Hence, you also need to add social proof that builds trust in your brand. It could be as simple as testimonials from your users.

6.  Align your Facebook ad copy with your ad creative

What if your ad creative has a car in it, but your ad copy is about fruits? It makes no sense. Make sure what your ad creative talks about is what you talk about in your ad copy because any inconsistency between the two would be a huge turn-off for the reader, reducing your ad relevance score and increasing your ad costs.

7. Have a call to action

An ad without a call to action is like a journey without a destination. You walk and walk but end up nowhere. You certainly would not want that to happen with your ad. Tell your reader what action you want them to take after viewing the ad. Is it clicking on a button? Is it visiting your page? Whatever it is, mention it. The body of your copy might be great, but without a proper and precise call to action, its benefits can be limited.


Facebook ads have been a game-changer in the advertising industry. It can kickstart your venture and give you much-needed traction if utilised properly. With just a few simple tips, you can make your ad stand out from the clutter.

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