6 Best Google Ads Copy Examples in 2022

Google Ads copy
Google Ads copy

Advertising on the internet makes a lot of sense for almost all businesses today. According to a report, the number of internet users in the world stood at 4.95 billion at the end of January 2022, which translates to around 62.5% of the global population. With such a large user base, online advertising provides a lucrative opportunity for businesses to reach new customers.

Google is one of the most preferred ad platforms in the world. The Google ad network came into existence as Google Adwords in October 2000, almost two years after Google became the most popular website. The platform was rebranded as Google Ads in 2018, and even today is one of the most popular ad networks among marketers.

As Google attracts most global internet users, many companies use its ad network for marketing their products and services. Google Ads is popular not only because of its flagship search engine that processes close to 8.5 billion searches per day, but also because Google has established a complete ecosystem that includes major platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, News, Blogger, Display Network among others.

Google Ads Copy

For instance, did you know which is the second-largest search engine in the world?

It is YouTube. Not Bing, Baidu, or any other name that you can think of. Again, YouTube is part of the Google ecosystem.

Advertising on Google is one thing, and making a lasting impression on the end-user with your ad campaign is completely another. An increasing number of advertisers are bidding on popular keywords, which has made it competitive for marketers to create a winning Google Ads campaign, keeping unit economics in mind.

The ability of Google Ads to serve advertisements to a targeted audience where the impact can be measured extensively for ad objective makes it unique like other popular platforms like Facebook. Be it clicks, conversions, or impressions, you can customize your Google Ad campaign per the requirements of the business. The main objective for any Google Ads campaign is the ad copy.

Here are the six best Google Ads Copy examples that can give you the inspiration to build your winner Google Ads campaign:

1. Upwork: Showcasing the strengths


– Clear call-to-action

– Uses site link extension

– Using an effective second headline

Upwork’s PPC ad figures in our list of the best Google ad copy examples simply because of its effectiveness. The Google Ad ad copy starts with a clear call-to-action and tries to build trust by using a second effective headline. The description explains the platform’s benefits and incentivizes them with expected future savings, thus establishing curiosity among the web visitor.

The ad also uses a site link extension that directs users to other relevant pages, like browse freelancers, how it works, etc., which is expected to improve the click-through rate of the ad.

2.Direct Line: Highlighting a unique selling proposition


– List benefits

–  Easy to recognize

– Uses ad extensions

With 30 characters in the headline and 90 characters in the description, writing a compelling Google Ads ad copy is challenging. Direct Line has done it with ease. Being a big name in the car insurance industry, it has highlighted its USP in the ad. Since it is not available on any price comparison websites, it is usually cheaper than competitors.

The headline in the Google Ads ad copy reinforces this unique selling point. This is a great way to push clicks on your website, as the user is aware that you are not visible on any other platform. The description lists all the benefits, and the ad uses extensions to showcase other relevant CTAs.

3. Apple: Project your brand


– Clear benefits list

– Projects the brand

– Uses CTA site extensions

Why would the most valuable brand in the world (Source: Brand Finance Global 500 2022) need to advertise on Google?

Because it understands that people tend to forget even the most valuable brands in the world, and it does not want competition on brand keywords. It is always a good idea to run campaigns on your brand keywords. If you don’t, someone else will.

This is among the best Google Ads copy examples that you will come across. It showcases the then flagship model iPhone 11, shares pricing in the description, tells benefits, and shares ad site extensions.

With such a balanced ad, Apple has another winner on its hands to entice users to know more about its products.

4. Rental Cars: Ratings to boost trust


– Projects price

– Showcases ratings

– Uses ad extensions

The ad by Rental Cars is one of the good Google Ads copy examples of how you can use reviews to your advantage. As Google pulls reviews from platforms like Trustpilot, you cannot add several reviews to your ad.

You can work with review aggregators and offer some incentive to users to submit a review for your business. These reviews help generate a business rating that can handle the initial trust issues with the customers.

5. Shopify: Create segment like ads


– Uses segmented ads

– CTA matches with the landing page

– Uses site extensions

Shopify is known for providing a platform for small, medium, and large-sized businesses to handle their e-commerce requirements. It offers online stores, multiple integrations, and other features to companies.

This example shows that Shopify has created different ads for different segments of consumers. Similarly, it has created different landing pages to give a different experience to each segment.

Shopify uses benefits, CTA, site extensions per the target segment, and even the landing page experience, including the use of colors, is entirely different.

6. Zendesk: Simple and clear messaging


– A simple and clear message

– Prominent CTA

– Clutter-free design

Zendesk is one of the most popular customer support software in the market. The product is used across industries, and as a result, it has different landing pages for different use case keywords.

For instance, in the ‘customer support software’ keywords example, the platform highlights the use case in the ad straightaway in the headline. It then showcases the brand in the second headline and explains the benefits in the description. The CTA matches with the landing page experience, and the Google Ads ad copy also uses site extensions to improve the ad’s click-through rate.

To sum up

These six best Google Ads campaigns should give you enough inspiration to design an appealing Google Ads campaign for your business. It is important to remember that the two main components of a Google Ads are pre-click and post-click. You need to optimize the user experience for both these aspects. In the pre-click stage, you should design a Google Ads ad copy that compels the user to click on the ad. In the post-click experience, you should design a fast, no-nonsense landing page that can drive conversions.

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