Fitness Time’s “Don’t Just Imagine It Live It” Ad Analysis

Fitness Time Ad by Fitness Time
Fitness Time Ad by Fitness Time

Fitness Time Ad

The new Fitness Time ad “Don’t Just Imagine It Live It” is a creative merging of fitness and travel lifestyles. Which entices new customers with the promise of free travel vouchers.

Fitness Time Ad and the history

Fitness Time is reported to be the most prominent sports center conglomerate in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. Their centers have been outfitted with the latest health and fitness technologies. As well as the highest global standards for service and safety to deliver the most incredible sports services.

Fitness Time facilities are created and managed with the intention of offering customers a secure and easy place to exercise. In addition to carefully selected fitness equipment, amenities, and trainers. Thus, Fitness Time locations are meant to be open, pleasant, and large enough for everyone to find a spot.

Fitness Time’s Newest Ad

Their new ad campaign features a man in what appears to be beach attire. As well as floating in the middle of their training pools with a relaxing drink in his hand. In addition, the tagline appears in the lower-left including “Subscribe for a year membership and get a travel ticket.”

Ad Strategy

The strategy of this ad is centered on attracting customers who are interested in travel. Therefore, the ad features two visuals that would appeal to such an audience. The fitness pool and the suggestion of a beautiful beach. Additionally, the text that reads “travel ticket” brings even more attention to this message. All so consumers will read it and understand the offer.

By combining a travel offer with their fitness-related services, they cleverly capture a niche demographic. Most people trying to get in shape for the beach or travel. In many countries worldwide, people travel to beaches and other vacation destinations for either vacation or work. This message would be particularly attractive to this audience because they are trying to reach a goal for their fitness. Which includes travel and being able to look good when they get there.

There is also an element of exclusivity in the ad that would entice people to become members. For example, the man in the ad appears to be completely comfortable. Maybe even wealthy, as he lounges by the pool with a beverage. By suggesting these perks, Fitness Time appeal to those who are successful and looking for more ways to enjoy it.

Target Audience

The target audience is people concerned with both fitness and looking to travel. The ad indicates that this audience would be interested in fitness by including the well-equipped fitness pool. It suggests travel by using imagery of beaches and a free travel voucher.

This strategy is also helpful because it allows Fitness Time to approach two demographic groups individually through separate ads. Competition, those who are into fitness and looking for travel, would likely be fierce with other providers. Therefore, Fitness Time can sell its services to two different target audiences at once. All by suggesting that they want both types of clients.

Creative Execution

The execution is done well in the sense that it catches the audience’s attention. Through an unexpected combination of a vacation and fitness. The mixture of these two ideas makes the ad stick out and feel fresh to the audience. Mostly because it’s something they would not expect to see together, even though it makes perfect sense summarily.

The title is also appropriate in concept and scope and simple enough to be read quickly. It does not have any unnecessary clutter, and the message is conveyed in a well-understood way.

The image of the fitness pool helps to capture people’s interest immediately. It also helps to support the notion that this particular brand wants to target those interested in fitness. Moreover, because they would likely encounter such a place at their local Fitness Time location.

In addition, the picturesque suggestion of the beach helps to support the travel message subtly. Customers will more likely to be interested in fitness. Thus, they would not be as drawn to this image as if they were targeting people traveling. However, it is still present enough to remind them that Fitness Time offers other services such as fitness and travel.

What the Ad Says About Fitness Time

The ad and accompanying website both demonstrate that Fitness Time is an extremely well-established business. The suggestion of wealth and exclusivity present in the ad indicate to viewers of this ad something. That it’s likely moderately expensive for a membership, so they must be doing very well financially. Additionally, the man in the image suggests the image of the “healthy and wealthy guy”. Which is likely to be an image that many people can associate with fitness.

Examining the ad from the perspective of a consumer looking for a gym, a prominent theme here is exclusivity. By suggesting wealth and proximity to exotic locations. Fitness Time clarifies that this will not be a gym for ordinary people. Instead, showing that their facilities will appeal to those who have achieved success and want more ways to enjoy it.

First Impression

It’s clear from first glance that the ad is meant to entice people into joining their brand. The image used in the ad shows a man by a pool with a beverage, looking both relaxed and comfortable. In addition, he appears to have access to an Olympic-sized pool for his use. These are all things that someone serious about fitness would be interested in. The image suggests that the man is using a product from Fitness Time. Therefore that it must be an exceptional service to warrant such an exotic location.

In addition, the ad does not come off as particularly overwhelming or busy, considering all of the information presented. The layout makes it easier for readers to understand what they are being shown without a lot of fuss.


The fitness industry is very competitive. This ad allows Fitness Time to target two markets at once, which helps it stand out from its competitors. In addition, the simplicity of it demonstrates that the they do well enough to not need anything complicated or fancy.

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