ISAIA’s “Suit Up Differently” Ad Analysis – A Modern Take on the Classic Suit

Isaia Ad by Isaia
Isaia Ad by Isaia

ISAIA ad “Suit Up Differently”

The new ISAIA ad “Suit Up Differently” is a bold take on the modern men’s suit. Featuring a suit-clad male model with the sport’s jacket over his head as it is thrown back in laughter.

The ad features the text “Suit Up Differently”. Which is in bold red font at the bottom and the hashtag #SmartorialElegence above it. In addition, the company logo is featured underneath the text.

A History of ISAIA

ISAIA was formed in the 1920s in Naples, thanks to the foresight of Enrico Isaia. The family’s progenitor, who launched a fabric business for the city’s most prominent sailors. Enrico eventually opened a small business next to the store, where talented craftsmen created custom-made men’s apparel.

In 1957, the siblings Enrico, Rosario, and Corrado Isaia relocated the company to Casalnouvo. A nearby town where half of the population worked as tailors. Within ten years, Isaia had grown into a full-fledged tailoring firm. Producing high-end clothing for some of Italy’s most prominent stores.

Isaia began industrialization and internationalization in the early 1980s when the brand acquired popularity. New and more aggressive business methods were implemented, leading to distribution channels in Europe, Japan, China, and America.

Isaia’s history and success are built on the concept of “Made in Naples”. A value encompassing both traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship and exclusive knowledge of the product, both are highly regarded around the world. A value that is ingrained in the company’s DNA as well as the DNA of all employees. In which some of whom have been with the company for generations. In fact, Isaia produces its clothing solely in Italy, at Casalnuovo di Napoli. Where they are subjected to stringent quality controls at every stage of manufacturing.

The brand’s appeal stems from its ability to reimagine tradition and mix heritage with innovation. As well as needle and thread sartorial culture with cutting-edge technologies.

ISAIA’s Newest Ad

As explained above, the “Suit Up Differently” ad features a laughing male model with a suit coat over his head. As well as a pair of finely tailored shirts and trousers prominently featured underneath. The image is bold and shows the male model in a modern way, with his sport coat removed.

Isaia Ad Strategy

The ad as a whole depicts IAAIS’s ability to create fashion that challenges the current state of menswear. Therefore offers something new and different for men who are tired of seeing the same suits everywhere they go. A man who wishes to stand out, a man who is confident and willing to stand apart from the rest.

By showing a classic-looking suit with a sport coat over its head. ISAIA suggests that the old image of classic men’s suit is being reinterpreted for a more carefree and modern generation.

Target Audience

The target audience for the ad is a group of men between 25-40. Who wish to stand out from the rest. These people likely work in an office setting or are involved in some industry where they need to look “professional”. However, the ad makes it clear that they are the brand of the modern professional man. 

This isn’t to say the company isn’t targeting older professionals. But they are going after a slightly younger audience for this particular ad campaign.

Source of Inspiration

ISAIA’s source of inspiration is based around the classic men’s suit jacket worn with a brightly colored shirt underneath it. The classic “striped shirt” look is seen everywhere, especially in magazine ads. However, the amount of time and effort to get this look to be appropriately tailored and lined is clearly extensive. Something only a true men’s suit expert can do. 

The ad suggests that ISAIA knows how to get this classic look right every time. All without the need for a tailor or extensive tailoring skills. The suit can be worn as is with no alterations needed and look good on just about anybody.

A Bold Move

ISAIA pulling this ad was a bold move that coupled modern marketing techniques with traditional craftsmanship. In fact, by the end of September, they had run four ads in the same style. In addition, the ad campaign itself was called “Suit Up Differently”. This suggests there will be many more of these ads released.

The company is attempting to tap into an aspect of men’s fashion that has not been capitalized on before. Using a design technique that has not yet been seen as well as alternative marketing methods. All that offer insight into the product and challenge conventional marketing methods.

The ad campaign itself is bold and daring, offering a new perspective on how to approach men’s fashion. As well as providing some insight into what ISAIA stands for as a company. 

What the Ad Says About ISAIA

The ad attempts to distinguish itself from other men’s fashion ads by showing something new and exciting. While simultaneously poking fun at the classic formal look that has been seen countless times before.

In this way, ISAIA shows its ability to redefine the men’s suit. This illustrates how it remains a leader in men’s fashion.

First Impression

The male model is laughing as his sport coat is flung behind him. Allowing the finely tailored shirt and trousers to remain visible underneath the sport coat. This brings out ISAIA’s ability to produce classic pieces that are both modern and luxurious. It also emphasizes the brand’s attention to detail in its clothing. A trait that is also shown by the form fit of the model’s attire.


The ad was well produced. Though it might seem simple at first glance, some deeper messages are being sent by the company. First, it suggests that ISAIA’s ability to create classic pieces allows men to remain confident and in control. Regardless of what others think about the classic look.

It also shows that IAAIS is willing to be bold and daring in its approach to marketing. Making it a company that will not shy away from trying new things. As a result, the ad is not only well done but thought-provoking as well. It will make the viewers stop and ask themselves, “what if classic traditions could be made fun and modern?”

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