American Colors Ad “Fish” Analysis – A Dazzling Visual Display

American Colors Ad by American Colors
American Colors Ad by American Colors

American Colors Ad

The new American Colors ad “Fish” is a colorful display ad featuring their water-resistant enamel exterior paints. Featured on a fish scale pattern. However, upon closer examination, it is actually a collection of their paint cans. A picture of their paint product is located in the lower right quadrant with the words “water-resistant” above it.

A History of American Colors Paint Company

American Color is a manufacturer of high-end liquid color and painting equipment. They have increased their product lines within their present markets and have continued to grow. By meeting the demands of new markets since they began manufacturing in 1975.

They concentrate on industry-driven goods and customer-focused solutions. Experienced specialists, high-end processing equipment, and cutting-edge laboratory tools are all used by American Colors. Their expertise spans various sectors, and they are dedicated to serving their customers’ needs. Through product development, toll manufacturing, and custom packaging and labeling.

The New American Colors Ad

The ad is designed to imply that their paints are so colorful and water-resistant. So much so that even a fish could be painted with their product. The ad features a deep palette across a fish scale pattern. This leads the eye and also uses deep reds and blues as their primary colors. In addition, the bottom part of the ad outlines the water-resistant nature of their paints.

American Colors Ad Strategy

An ad strategy has been developed that will captivate a consumer’s eye. Because they can clearly see what product is being advertised. What makes it stand out from the competition, and why they should go out and purchase it.

Visual Display

The visual display of this ad is composed almost entirely of color; the patterns created by the dots on the fish scale seem to blend together with the background colors. The color scheme used in this ad is very appealing; the blues and reds contrast nicely with each other.

Aesthetic Appeal

The visual appeal of this ad consists of a fish scale pattern. Captivating deep blue and red primary colors, and an image of their product to convey water resistance. However, the “hook” is that upon examination, the fish scales are actually open paint cans in a fish scale pattern.

Target Audience

The target audience appears to be homeowners and DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts. This is who is looking to paint their home or some part of it.

The Market

This ad is targeted at young homeowners who would like to use water-resistant enamel exterior paint. All to do maintenance work themselves using beautiful yet high-end painting materials. 

American Colors Ad Media

The ad will be placed in magazines that cater to DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts. The ad intends to pique interest and cause the reader to examine it with a critical eye. Investigating the fish scale pattern for itself, rather than just seeing it as an image of paint cans.


The competition that the ad is trying to overcome includes other brands of paints that are not as water-resistant. The purpose is to persuade people that American Colors Water Resistant Enamel Exterior Paints are superior in quality. As well as worth purchasing over companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. 

Sales Strategy & Integration

A sales strategy and integration are being developed that will appeal to the target audience of young homeowners. The goal is to pique the interest of DIY enthusiasts that are looking for a product like this; an advertisement will be created in which they subtly convey their message while also causing the reader to examine it with a critical eye. Investigating the fish scale pattern for itself, rather than just seeing it as an image of paint cans.

What the Ad Says About American Color

American Colors’ values can be found in the ad for their water-resistant enamel exterior paints. The colors they chose are bold and vibrant. Obviously meant to attract the eye of a potential customer. While at the same time feeling natural due to their deep saturation. They also seem to use a recurring theme of fish throughout their advertisements.


This ad does not seem to promote sustainability. Although they do have exterior paint that is water-resistant and easy to clean. It seems like traditional outside paints would also fall into this category.

First Impression

This ad gives off a soft, colorful vibe that is very pleasing to look at. It seems to promote the paint company’s values of being bold and vibrant. While still feeling natural at the same time.

How the Ad Affects Viewers

The ad may cause viewers to want to rush out and buy as many American Colors water-resistant enamel exterior paint as they can get their hands on because it looks so vivid yet natural. However, the visual display is what entices someone, and I feel that this ad is very successful in doing that. It draws you in with the primary colors but also shows a practical use for them as well.

What the Ad Says About Product

The ad gives off an air of being natural, with earthy colors and a bold yet not overbearing pattern. It looks like it could be used to repaint your home or deck if they were damaged by water. Making me think it is durable enough for construction work. In addition, the viewer feels comfortable that it will last a long time and not fade in outdoor conditions.

The ad makes me feel that the company is confident about its product. Mostly because they enhance colors with bright accents that stand out to catch your eye. While also pulling you closer to examine them more closely. In addition, they’re careful to make sure all the cans are in the picture. To let you know how many different colors they have.


This ad is very successful in attracting interest and getting someone to buy their product. Its bold colors contrast with its soft, natural feel, making it stand out from the competition. In addition, it looks like durable paint that can last outdoors for a long time. While still looking as good as new.

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