Onboard Nav Jeep Ad – A Brilliant Play on Words

Jeep ad by Jeep
Jeep ad by Jeep

Jeep Ad Analysis:

Jeep is an American automobile company that has been producing vehicles since 1925. It is known for providing both SUVs and off-road vehicles for individuals. Thus to use while also catering to the military market with its famous Jeep vehicles. This is the Jeep ad.

Jeeps were initially used primarily by the military and came to symbolize freedom for the United States and its allies, becoming one of America’s staple vehicles and holding a place in most American’s hearts. The defining characteristic that set Jeep apart from every other brand was the driver’s exposure to the elements and the terrain, or as they call it, “Command of the Great Outdoors.” Jeeps came to symbolize rugged individualism and a rough and tumble lifestyle. While Jeep began to transition into a more luxury-oriented brand through the creation of the Grand Cherokee, they still maintained their ruggedness in the form of the Wrangler and Commander models.

Jeep fans and owners are famous for their fanaticism, and Jeep enthusiasts stick with the brand despite its higher cost than other vehicles. All over the world, you’ll find Jeep owners clubs where diehards gather to share their love for the brand, and they are all over social media such as Facebook.

Fast forward to today, and Jeep is an established brand with vehicles that still exude a rugged look and appeal. The majority of their ad campaigns include both male and female demographics in its target audience, from young adults looking for an adventure to older people looking for the same ruggedness they felt as a child.

One of their more recent ad campaigns currently running is focused around the phrase “Onboard Navigation System Since 1941.”

Jeep Ad Strategy

The ad features a star-filled night sky shown through the sunroof of a Jeep vehicle. In addition, the words “Onboard Navigation System Since 1941” are featured in white font in the middle of the photo. The stark minimalism of the ad clearly communicates a message of nostalgia and brand loyalty while focusing on one of the modern technologies’ most popular features. GPS systems have been a part of the automotive industry for years. However, they are recently becoming more and more advanced. With excellent features such as traffic updates, 3D city views, touchscreen support, voice control, and many others.

Onboard navigation systems first started appearing in consumer vehicles around the early 2000s. Their inclusion became standard after 2009 when Apple released their first iPhone. Thus it quickly revolutionized the way people interacted with their maps. Suddenly navigation was possible without the use of maps and directions. All through the utilization of GPS satellites, a feature previously only available to the military.

It is easy to see how this advertisement would appeal. Specifically to those who have connections with both the Jeep brand and technology. The ad is designed to imply that Jeep owners navigate by the stars and have been doing so since the beginning. What Jeep is doing in this ad is creating an idea. An idea that there was an onboard navigation system in their vehicles since 1941. In other words, all Jeep vehicles have had GPS systems since they first started making cars. They’re essentially promoting the history and heritage of their brand and drawing in fans with a clever play on words.

Targeted Audience

The general target audience for this advertisement is those who identify with the Jeep brand. The ad is designed to make these consumers associate the brand with the positive emotions they already have. All from previous experiences with the brand. Therefore maybe even to sway those who have not yet purchased a Jeep vehicle but are considering it.

It also reinforces the ideas of Jeep owners as rugged individualists. Those who are capable of navigating without the aid of technology. Sailors and explorers have been navigating using the position of the stars since the dawn of man. Thus this advertisement highlights those Jeep owners are capable of doing the same.

What the Ad Says About Jeep

This ad attempts to pull on positive emotions of nostalgia and adventure that all consumers have. As well as also reinforces the idea that Jeep owners are often rugged individualists. This is how Jeep would like potential customers to see them. They want you to think of them as an iconic brand with a history. Moreover going back almost a century and as a company that is not afraid to use modern technology.

The ad also showcases the luxurious, “rugged rich” image of the Jeep brand in some way. While every other vehicle on the road might need directions from a GPS. They are incapable of making it home by themselves. However, Jeep owners can rely on their intuition and capability as true rugged individualists.

First Impressions

This is a brilliantly simple ad with a sophisticated play on words. It connects with the targeted audience by referencing popular features of all Jeep models. Namely the ability to sully see the sky around you. And also communicating that Jeep can relate to its consumers because of their attention to current technology trends, attracting the younger generations as well.

The minimalist simplicity of the design mirrors the simple yet effective method of using nature as a guide used by our ancestors. The stars, the sun, and the earth have guided us for thousands of years on land and sea. Jeep is doubling down on an already established brand image. As a company with a legendary heritage based around nature by creating this ad campaign.


Jeep is a brand with a rich history and heritage and a solid reputation for high-quality products. This advertisement appeals to their target audience. While also reinforcing positive memories of past experiences with the company and Jeep vehicles. By bringing up a new technology feature of modern Jeeps, they also support the idea that Jeep is a company that stays current with the latest trends.

As an overall marketing piece, this advertisement is very successful. As it corresponds to so many different emotional triggers among its target audience. It’s simple and elegant in design and represents some nature imagery that holds a powerful appeal for its consumers: the rugged individualists who say that man is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to, with or without technology.

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