KFC ad by KFC
KFC ad by KFC

KFC Ad Analysis: Irish homes turned into drive-thru windows

KFC is a popular American fast-food restaurant chain with its center in Louisville, Kentucky, and it specializes in fried chicken. As one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains in terms of sales. As shown in the KFC ad, they have made significant marketing decisions over the years.

KFC Advertisements are very different, and every time, they try to come up with something new and functional. KFC creates ads to adapt to different cultures because they have more than 20,000 locations globally. One of such advertisements is the KFC Drive-thru advertisement campaign. 

KFC Ad Strategy

Over the past years, like most nations of the world, Ireland endured one of the strictest COVID-related lockdowns. Therefore dine-in restaurants closed and some strict travel restrictions in place. To continuously serve its customers within the Irish market despite the challenging circumstance they had to change. Thus, KFC urgently needed to promote its “drive-thru” and delivery offer. In view of this, the photographer Liam Murphy collaborates with the core Creative. To create the “Drive-thru” advertisement aimed at promoting their delivery and drive-through options. 

While this advertisement looks simple, its message amazingly describes how KFC cares about the convenience of its customers. Even amidst the challenges imposed by the pandemic. By using captivating photography to convert three real Irish homes into ‘drive-throughs’. This advert campaign strategically helps bring to life the excitement of having a takeaway KFC. The focus of the print advertisement was to capture the moment deliveries get to the desired customers.

Targeted Audience

The target market for this advertisement includes anyone who enjoys chicken and other related items such as sandwiches. Especially those looking for quick value meals for themselves and/or their family members. In order to forge a closer connection with its customers, especially those whose movements are limited by COVID-19 restrictions. KFC had to show that they are on the ground for them whether they want to come and visit their “drive-thrus”, or have KFC delivered to their homes. 

KFC adopted a creative way of describing and reaffirming its commitment to satisfying customers’ needs. In the advertisement, one could see pictures of customers joyfully receiving their KFC package as delivered to them by the windows of their homes. From design to creation, KFC creates its ads strategically to promote its business values.


KFC is well known as one of the front-runners in the food industry and is a synonym for tasty fried chicken. This “drive-thru” advertisement campaign plays a significant role in its efforts to reach its highly esteemed customers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  A well-thought concept and strategy coupled with perfect execution. Making this a unique advertisement for the KFC brand. With this advertisement, the brand is able to retain its customer loyalty and attract more profits despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic. 

As KFC waits to re-open its restaurants for dining-in once restrictions are lifted, the Irish customers are assured through this advertisement that they can continuously enjoy their tasty KFC chicken.

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