McDonalds Ad MyMcd’s App — Mobile Ordering Is Here!

McDonalds Ad by McDonald's
McDonalds Ad by McDonald's

McDonalds Ad Analysis

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants among adult consumers. Mostly due to its unique advertising and marketing strategies. Recently, they released their McDonalds Ad MyMcD’s “Mobile ordering is here” advertisement.

MyMcD’s app provides convenience when people order their favorite Burgers from everywhere. If you are looking for an easy option to order fast food without any hassle, MyMcD’s app is the best choice. McDonald’s did an incredible job using its creative ad image to create the thought of ordering Burger in the consumer’s mind. MyMcD’s “Mobile ordering is here”!

McDonalds Ad Strategy

Firstly, MyMcD’s “Mobile ordering is here” is a creative advertisement as it makes a good sense. Secondly, this advertisement indicates colorful mobiles are stacked, which suggests the image of Burger.

Color: The red and green colors have been identified with the McDonald’s brand for decades. It also works very well in creating the illusion of a burger with a good brand’s color combination stacked mobile phones.

Hierarchy: By placing the dark colors on McDonald’s brand’s background, the same color, phone-shaped Burger, is created. The viewer’s eye automatically goes toward the phone image and then to the text, “Mobile ordering is here.”

Text: In this advertisement, “Mobile ordering is here” is written in a bold white color to clear the audience’s mind that it is for mobile apps. The word ‘MyMcD’ helps the audience understand the print advertisement’s suggestion.

Balance: The creativity of the image also suggests the uniqueness of MyMcD’s mobile app advertisement strategy. There are not very disturbing visual elements in the ad analysis. Moreover giving the sense of a creative and effective formula that works best for ordering food options from McDonald without any hassle.

Targeted Audience

The MyMcD ad is structured to capture the attention of the target audience. Firstly, the advertisement mainly targets foodie people who cannot go outside to enjoy their favorite Burger or food. Secondly, it is telling brand loyalists to order food any time anywhere from your mobile with the app. Thirdly, the phrase ‘a small creature for your smartphone stack like a burger silhouette’ indicates that this ad specifically targets McD’s burger lover. This may be due to its shape and appropriate image. Thus, for foodie people who are hungry but can’t go outside to enjoy their meal.


Summarily, the symbolic presentation of McDonald’s ad is telling people to get a burger. In addition, to get it from their favorite fast food restaurant ‘McDonald’ at your doorstep by ordering from MyMcD’s app. Therefore, the choice of creative images and pictures may get attention. Thus it’s not the same angle as other brands pushing tech interactions like meth. It is using the color of cellphones to make the shape of Burger. Plus, it focuses on the consumer, and not solely the brand. They’re convincing people to stay home and enjoy their favorite meal with their family.

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