Johnnie Walker Ad Manuscript Of Insistence

Johnnie Walker Ad by Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker ad by Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Ad Analysis

The Johnnie Walker Ad Manuscript of insistence aims to showcase the brand to encourage customers to explore new experiences with its whiskey. In addition, to reflect its customers’ interest in experimentation and pushing boundaries. The image of this advert shows a manuscript of insistence ad with a black label. Besides, the advertisement cleverly encourages people who love to drink Johnnie Walker whiskey.

Johnnie Walker Ad Strategy

The item used in the Johnnie Walker advertisement is an essential aspect of convincing the Johnnie Walker whiskey drinkers. Thus, the ad uses the manuscript of insistence images that recreate the shape of the world.

The ad is quite brilliant since it makes its focus entirely on Johnnie Walker’s whiskey with a keep walking tag line. Moreover, this advertisement campaign uses humor, creativity, analogy, and different strategies to promote their product.

Updating its ongoing “Keep Walking” campaign, Johnnie Walker is trying to build on its momentum. Therefore, with the release stating that sales have grown 9% in North America in fiscal 2019. More importantly, the strategy includes dynamic creative. Such as short vertical videos that ripple, and steeping the brand in local culture by showcasing popular drinks in a specific area.

The revamp has younger consumers clearly in its sights, given the popularity of short video on mobile. In other words, to experiential marketing with millennials and older Gen Z consumers who dislike traditional ads.

Targeted Audience

The Johnnie Walker advertisement campaign is structured to capture the attention of the target group. In other words, the advertisement targets mainly drinkers who love to drink whiskey of the Johnnie Walker brand.

Above all, the Johnnie Walker ad is telling the brand’s loyalty. Besides, the phrase “a small creature for your life and world” indicates that this advertisement targets explicitly Johnnie Walker whiskey drinkers.

This may be due to its Z-shape and manuscript of insistence image for drinkers who celebrate their happiness. Above all, with their friends by drinking the Johnnie Walker brand’s whiskey.


Recent campaigns by Johnnie Walker, like this new iteration, have also focused on reviving the brand’s well-known imagery to make the brand more contemporary. For instance, The “Keep Walking” campaign name references the “Striding Man” who appears in tails and top hat in the brand’s logo.

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