IKEA Ad HEMNES Cabinet Advertising Analysis

Ikea Ad by Ikea
IKEA Ad by IKEA; Ad Agency: TBWAIstanbul, Turkey; Creative Director: IIkay Gurpinar

IKEA Ad Analysis

IKEA is the world’s biggest furniture retailer, as well as possibly its most successful owned brand. When it comes to advertising and catching the attention of the public, IKEA ad is pretty cleaver. Recently, they released an attractive HEMNES ad campaign of their compartment shoe cabinet.

At first glance, the aim or message behind this IKEA HEMNES ad is to demonstrate the versatility of space. In addition to the ample amount the user would get if they bought the HEMNES cabinet. The ads feature different styles of shoes, all stacked within each other.

IKEA Ad Strategy

The stacked shoes with the slogan “need space?” and “4 compartment shoe cabinet white” is the most beautiful part of this advertisement campaign. While this advertisement is simple, its message tells a fantastic picture of their product. You will notice a black shoe stacked into a pink color sandal with a white color cabinet when you look at the picture. This ad shows a place to organize and store all your shows, making life a little easier.

Usually, it has been noticed when brands advertise the compartment shoe cabinets; they bore you with the full specifications. It isn’t easy for those companies to stand out from the crowd when the message is so familiar with such products. Therefore, they end up washed up with everyone else.

IKEA HEMNES used a creative and funny way to describe and grab the attention of the audience. From simple, classical design with a touch of tradition to the creativity. Thus, this image alone is the best to describe IKEA is a perfect shoe cabinet. The success of this advertisement depends on clearly communicating the benefits without losing the attention of the audience.

Targeted Audience

People, especially those who need stylish and functional HEMNES shoe organizer cabinet, are the primary targeted audience of this ad campaign. While this storage cabinet looks like a standard entryway table, it secretly stores all your shows, slippers, and even other items you grab on the go.

This ad’s image can get many people’s attention due to funny creativity. This strategy of ad campaign explains that they created a confident statement that shoes can be organized easily.


A well-thought concept and innovative strategy coupled with perfect execution. Therefore, makes this a compelling advertisement for the IKEA HEMNES cabinet. With this advertisement campaign, the brand can convey the information and grab the attention of the public.

They can convince people to change their own opinions and analysis so that audience can purchase this cabinet. In Addition, IKEA made this HEMNES cabinet ad to gain more consumers and profit. However, other companies can also use this innovative ad campaign strategy. Thus, enhancing their brand’s image to the audience.

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