Tide Ad ‘Removes Stains In One Go’ Is Surreally Minimalist

Tide ad showing dalmation missing spots
Tide Ad by Tide; Ad Agency: Tanja Siersbol, London, United Kingdom; Creative Director: Tanja Siersbol.

Tide Ad Analysis

Tide is the most popular detergent brand, and its ability to get clothes clean in one go detergent sold in many countries in the world. Recently, they released a winning Tide ad campaign for their stain removal detergent.

Tide Ad Strategy

When taking in the Tide ‘Removes Stains in One Go’ ad campaign, two things — surreal and minimalist — come in mind. For instance, a pattern-losing dog with the slogan ‘removes stain in one go’ is the most attractive part of this advertisement campaign. Therefore, while this ad is simple, its message clears the picture of this product.

When you look at the image, you will notice a dog that has lost a patch of its iconically patterned fur. In other words, showing that detergent can ‘remove the stain in one go’ by the black spots from the dogs are removed. In fact, in this ad analysis, the dog is much related to the nature and concept of the product itself.

Tide used a creative way to describe and show the quality of their product. From the design to the creativity, this image alone is the best to describe Tide ‘removes stains in one go’. This ad’s success depends on clearly communicating the benefit. As well as not getting caught up in the trap mentioned above.

Targeted Audience

Tide’s ‘Removes Stains in One Go’ advertisement campaign is extremely eye-catching. More importantly, this ad campaign doesn’t only revolve around animals. As well as grips stylish patterns against clean pastel that will appeal to people’s interior style. Of course, it will get people thinking about removing stubborn stains on white shirts.

This ad’s image can get many people’s attention due to an eye-catching colored subject and contrasting background. Moreover, As people know that detergent remove hard stains and it is not usual for them to see black dots removed from the dog, they will be interested in Tide’s ‘removes stain in one go’ detergent.

This advertisement analysis strategy explains that they created a confident statement that black stains are removed from the dog just because the cleanser is stain removal.


A well-thought concept and strategy, coupled with perfect execution, make this a compelling ad for Tide. With this advertisement campaign, the brand can convey the information and grab the attention of the public. Thus, they can convince people to change their own opinions and interpretations. Tide made this stain removal detergent advertisement to get more consumers and profit.

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