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Nike ad by Nike

Nike Ad Of Air Max Shoes: They Keep You Alive

The Nike ad campaign is brilliant because it used graphics to make the two sneakers look like the lungs. This advertisement says when you work out and run in the Nike Air Max sneakers, you will be healthier. So, these sneakers will keep you alive, like how your lungs keep you alive.

This advertisement campaign message is clear as it encourages people to be fit, healthy, and active, which will happen when they use Nike Air Max sneakers.

Nike Ad Strategy

The idea behind this advertisement campaign draws you in straight. Specifically to the graphic trainers who are in 2 shaped lungs. Therefore symbolizing the breathing of oxygen as the core of the trainer is lightness. Therefore, this is also implied in the text, suggesting that ‘they keep you alive.’

In more realistic terms, the Nike Air Max sneakers advertisement suggests to the reader that having these trainers you have a healthy and active lifestyle to ‘keep you alive.’ In addition, the ad of the specific Nike shoe is called the ‘Nike Air Max’; the trainer’s core is its lightness, so it is called the ‘Air Max’ which is also represented by the lungs in the advertisement.

Targeted Audience

Firstly, the Nike advertisement’s format is modern and minimalistic. This works well as it draws you straight into the trainers’ graphic image in the shape of the lungs. Secondly to the text and logo, which are the advertisement’s dark parts. Thirdly the space between each design element makes it very easy and clear to look at. The sans-serif font is also easy to read.

The limited colors and plain background give the product a clean and classy look, making it easy to see and attractive. The only dark parts in this advertisement are the sneaker and the Nike logo, which emphasizes their significance.


This advertisement campaign takes attention because of the use of black and white color and the effect of graphics. Making the sneakers look like lungs do an awesome job attracting everyone’s attention. After checking this ad, you can easily understand this advertisement’s message with the text ‘They keep you alive.’ Everyone wants to stay alive. Everyone will be interested in it.

After sparking your interest, you start thinking about an active and fit lifestyle. And at this moment, this product hits your desire, and you start saying, “I want that.” Getting your attention, sparking your interest, and controlling your desire. This advertisement campaign makes you want to take action and go to the nearest store to purchase a sneak to “Keep you Alive.”

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