Oceano FM Ad ‘Music Drives You’ Analysis

Oceano FM Ad
Oceano FM Ad

The Oceano FM Ad ‘Music Drives You’ is a stunning example of the use of imagery in a minimalist fashion. The ad features a man driving his car and adjusting the rearview mirror. Which has the classic image of John Lennon with his signature round rim sunglasses staring back at him. In addition, the tagline “Music Drives You” is featured along the bottom portion of the ad. Along with the radio station’s name and call letters.

Oceano FM Ad Strategy

Océano FM, like many other broadcast stations, is competing with digital platforms. Such as Spotify and Apple Music for listener engagement. As a result, regular radio stations are losing popularity and are having difficulty attracting new listeners. Because cars are commonly known as one of the few places where live radio still reigns supreme. The commercial combines a famous singer (John Lennon) with people who connect to them while driving to work or shopping.

Creative Execution

The ad successfully blends an iconic individual, John Lennon, with his round rim sunglasses and the familiar image of a car rearview mirror. The simplicity and minimalistic approach allow the viewer to focus more on what is being said than how it is being said. By placing John Lennon’s face in the rearview mirror, Oceano FM creates an image of the driver becoming John Lennon as he enjoys his music playing on their station. In addition, the ad implies the well-known phenomenon of people singing along to the car radio. Another aspect of the ad that gives it a high level of memorability is how it taps into a cultural icon with whom almost everyone identifies. In choosing John Lennon, Océano FM incites a sentimentality. And a sense of nostalgia within people who grew up listening to his music.

Ad Effectiveness

Océano FM has created a highly effective ad campaign. The simplicity of this advertisement definitely plays a role in the success it enjoys with viewers. In a day and age where companies spend millions of dollars on advertising. A simple image of John Lennon wearing his signature round rim glasses is all that’s needed to bring new listeners.

Target Audience

The target audience for this ad is people who enjoy listening to the radio, typically older audiences. The use of a famous singer from an iconic 60’s band and the idea that the driver can become a star on the stage of their own car creates an image that the older generation can identify with. The use of a classic icon, along with the simplicity of this ad. Provides for little difficulty in understanding its purpose to attract new listeners. Océano FM’s ‘Music Drives You’ Ad is an excellent example of using minimalistic imagery in an advertisement that has proven to attract viewers.


Océano FM has successfully executed a minimalist ad campaign that is highly effective in attracting viewers. The simplicity of this ad has allowed it to achieve its purpose of successfully capturing new listeners. By reaching out to an audience still devoted to the radio (people driving in their cars), Océano FM allows the listener to become the star of their own radio experience.

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