Peroni Beer Ad ‘Friends’ Analysis

Peroni Beer Ad by Peroni
Peroni Beer Ad by Peroni

The Peroni Beer Ad ‘Friends’ uses clever visual imagery. All to imply their beverage is a way for people to come together. Shows two men wearing the jerseys of competing Italian football teams embraced in a hug while holding Peroni beers. In addition, the Peroni logo is featured just below their waist level. As well as the words “Bringing Us Together” are shown just below.

The cleverness of this ad lies in the way that the men’s embrace implies the shape of a beer bottle. Especially with the logo overlaid at the point where it would be seen on an actual bottle of beer.

Peroni Beer Ad Strategy

The visual strategy in the Peroni ‘Friends’ Ad is very effective. The ad features two men, one wearing a Juventus jersey and the other wearing an AC Milan jersey. In an embrace that shows their team loyalties are put aside when it comes to their choice of beer. The use of this imagery directly implies the idea of being united, which might appeal to consumers who are looking for a larger goal in their consumption. In addition, the use of the words “Bringing Us Together” reinforces the idea that Peroni is meant to serve as an ice-breaker or way to find common ground with people you might not have thought were similar before.

The ad does an excellent job of using visual imagery and emotional appeal to connect with consumers. However, the product is not explicitly mentioned in the ad with a beer as expensive as Peroni. The consumer might be more inclined to believe they are buying an idea or lifestyle instead of just a beverage.

As with all ads that use emotional appeal, the Peroni ‘Friends’ Ad does well because it uses a concept that is generally divisive (sports fandom and our favorite teams) as the backdrop of friendship. However, friendship is an emotion that can be universally understood. Even if the viewer was not previously aware of Peroni Beer before seeing this ad.

Peroni has done well with this ad because it uses current events (football) and universal emotions (friendship) to connect their product to their viewers in a way that feels like more than just another beer.

Target Audience

Peroni Beer is an Italian-based company, and the ad demonstrates this with its use of Italian football players and imagery. Therefore, it would seem that Italy would be the primary market for Peroni. Still, with the ad using universal imagery and emotions, it would also seem that Peroni wants to reach a broader audience.

Peroni is certainly targeting men with this ad. Still, its use of emotions like friendship and unity works across genders. And might even appeal to anyone looking for a way to connect or share their love for their favorite sport.

Peroni uses the universal nature of sports and friendship in their ‘Friends’ Ad to connect with their viewers, and the ad is successful because it shows a sense of uniqueness by using football players. The fact that these men are embracing instead of arguing adds a humor element that could also draw in viewers who might be on the fence about even watching football.


Peroni Beer’s ‘Friends’ Ad is humorous, witty, and does a great job appealing to the viewer on an emotional level. Peroni has done well by using Italian football players to connect with its target market. The universal nature of the ad is also beneficial for Peroni, as it implies that their product might be able to unite people from different walks of life through a shared experience or goal.

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