Rossini Ad “Hook Your Great Job” Analysis

Rossini Ad by Rossini
Rossini Ad by Rossini

The Rossini ad “Hook Your Great Job” is an interesting take on the rugged workwear niche market. The ad features a pair of Rossini work pants suspended by a hook and being pulled from all sides by four other pairs of hooks. The tagline “Hook Your Great Job” appears in the lower right third with the additional text, “Rossini clothes every professional with maximum safety, comfort, and style.” The Rossini logo is also present in the lower right quadrant.

It is immediately apparent to the viewer that these pants are rugged and can sustain the stress that workwear demands. At the same time, the pants appear stylish and modern. The color of the pants is dark grey. Given that most workwear tends to be dark in nature, this stands out and attracts the viewer’s attention. The text “Rossini” is also present on the lower right quadrant, where it is easily visible to the viewer. It stands out because it is larger than usual and has a red color font.

Rossini Ad Strategy

The strategy of this ad is to use a product demonstration to show the viewer that these pants are indeed rugged and able to withstand work. The hook pulls in all directions, but ultimately the pants remain intact. The imagery implies the pants can be pulled in all directions and yet stay both stylish and intact.

The execution of the ad is well done. The shot is clean, with a very deliberate setup that draws attention to the pants and not any other potential distractions. In addition, the close-up view of the product makes it very clear what it is and speaks directly to its intended audience.

Advertising Media

The Rossini “Hook Your Great Job” ad is a print ad found in a print publication geared towards its intended audience. The medium of the ad is appropriate for its target audience as they are more likely to read the magazine than watch television or surf the internet.

Rossini Ad Impact

The Rossini “Hook Your Great Job” is an attention-grabbing ad. It illustrates how well their pants will wear in actual work situations. It also shows that they are durable enough to withstand any stress. In addition, the imagery of the ad is straightforward and speaks directly to its intended audience. In turn, this will increase brand recognition and raise brand awareness for the Rossini line of workwear.

Target Audience

Based on Rossini’s target audience, this ad is aimed at construction and utility workers. The rugged workwear aesthetic, hook demonstration, pull text, and tagline of “Hook your Great Job” demonstrates the company’s product orientation towards this market segment.

Also, the stylishness of the pants clearly indicates that workwear does not necessarily have to be bland and dull. This suggests that their research has shown there is a market for modern and clean workwear.


The Rossini “Hook Your Great Job” ad is a good demonstration of how effective print advertising can be. While the medium may have changed, the core components of this ad – style, imagery, and telling a story – are still in place. Overall, this ad is successful as it raises brand recognition for Rossini workwear. As well as increases brand awareness, and ultimately leads to positive ROI.

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