Meilaijian Ad “Bad Night” Analysis

Meilaijian Ad by Meilaijian
Meilaijian Ad by Meilaijian

The Meilaijian ad “Bad Night” for their Melatonin products is a dark and quirky take on the use of melatonin as a sleep aid. Focusing primarily on its ability to help with insomnia.

The imagery features a black background with a man’s white silhouette against it. Within the outline are a nightmarish collection of red spiders. The spiders appear to have woven a dark web that has a man entrapped in it. The words “Bad night?” also appear in red inside the image. The presentation of the ad suggests an almost Lovecraftian horror aspect to the effects of insomnia on a person’s mind and well-being.

There is a picture of their Melatonin product in the lower right third alongside the text “One pill before bedtime, sleep well all night.”

Meilaijian Ad Strategy

The advertisement clearly targets a demographic which has difficulty sleeping at night. With the rising concern of insomnia and how it can affect one’s health, the use of melatonin as a solution to this problem is an obvious one. Thus by selling their products, Meilaijian might be able to entice new customers who have previously never used melatonin before.

The use of a horror motif is an interesting choice, suggesting distress and nightmares due to not getting enough sleep. Also, the image of a person as the victim of some unknown force is used in quite a few horror films to depict victims who are trapped and unable to escape.

Target Audience

The target audience is the demographic of people who have difficulty sleeping at night. The advertisement suggests that by taking one pill before bedtime, one can sleep well all night. Considering the commercial run time, it can be assumed that the target market is adults rather than children. With the current epidemic of insomnia and an aging population, there is a clear opportunity to market their products.

The target audience is likely to be composed of individuals who stay up at night. Are affected by insomnia and other sleep disorders, and working professionals and people with families. Thus, it is clear to the consumer that it is advertising for Meilaijian melatonin pills and their use to achieve a better sleeping pattern.

The message suggests a simple solution to one of life’s biggest problems (sleep deprivation). By using the melatonin tablets, there is a promise of getting a good night’s sleep. However, with this advertisement, there is also the implication that if one does not use them. They are wasting their time and money on sleeping pills that do not work anyway.


Melatonin is a commonly used drug in many countries. The FDA has approved it as a sleep aid. Thus it’s no surprise that various companies would want to advertise their melatonin products. This advertisement targets adults and older who suffer from insomnia. The simple solution of taking one pill before bedtime and then sleeping well all night is quite appealing to those looking for the rest of a peaceful night’s sleep.

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