Urban Mutt Ad Analysis: Beef Jerky Treats

Urban Mutt Ad by Urban Mutt
Urban Mutt Ad by Urban Mutt

Urban Mutt Ad Analysis

Beef jerky treats are becoming widely incorporated into dog feeds for individuals raising dogs as pets or for security purposes. This means including proteins in their pet feeds and bringing them healthy life while enjoying their meals. This is the Urban Mutt Ad.

Due to the priority of jerky treats and how much they put their customers ahead. They launched this ad campaign to encourage dog owners to incorporate beef jerky treats. As part of their pet feeds while maintaining a neat environment.

Urban Mutt Ad Strategy

First, the environment created by the ad image is that of a room where dogs are raised with great affection and care. Likewise, it exhibits the confidence that raising a dog in a neat and well-arranged environment will provide a healthy lifestyle for customer dogs while feeding them with beef jerky treats.

Another perspective exhibited in this ad image is the approach of professionals and executive having their waiting rooms (or spaces) set up for efficient pet nutrition without causing specks of dirt around the office space. When you have a clean environment, your dogs will consume healthy beef jerky treats that contain enough protein and encourage hygiene for your dogs.

This ad design has been used to grab the attention of individuals towards the perfect environment and feeding dogs. With convenience without comprising your home or office arrangements. As much as they care for your dogs, they are concerned about your comfort too.

The tagline “`The Taste Dogs Prefer” is the company golden button to drive home the nutritional values that beef jerky treats will provide dog owners or trainers. It passes a message of “your dogs first.”

Target Audience

This ad is targeted at dog trainers, dog owners, and those who possess dogs for security reasons. It is an advertisement to encourage a healthy feeding habit for dog owners and trainers without compromising quality. Likewise, it targets those that prioritize a neat environment while feeding their dogs.

The ad’s image helps capture the attention of dog owners because it reflects a welcoming environment due to the furniture arrangement presented in the picture. It gives a detailed insight into targeting homeowners raising dogs or professionals who love having furry friends around them all the time.


This ad campaign is a compelling concept that attracts customers’ attention in a split of seconds because of the environment presented in the ad image. The design simplicity and the creative mind behind the advertisement make it more attractive. And this encourages dog owners and trainers to create a loving environment for their dogs.

The effectiveness of this ad image will not only impact the company’s sales. It will also increase customer loyalty because customers will perceive the brand as one that looks out for them while providing their dogs with good nutritional values they may not find elsewhere.

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