Crest Ad Analysis: How You Can Keep Your Smile with Weird Filters

Crest Ad by Crest
Crest Ad by Crest

Crest Ad Analysis

Crest is part of the top ten toothpaste brands in the United States. A brand that focuses on its customers’ dental health produces toothpaste that helps with teeth whitening. As well as gum protection, and prevention against cavities for all demography.

This Crest ad focuses on how creatives and professionals can enjoy their e-meeting without being shy of sharing smiles. Likewise, it encourages using weird filters while making the meeting less boring.

Crest Ad Strategy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Crest continuously seeks ways to bring a healthy lifestyle. Especially to its customers despite different restrictions orders in place. The pandemic made firms, organizations, and teams resolve to use video communication channels to interact, conduct interviews, and hold essential conferences for business meetings.

However, consumers are paying little to no attention to their dental health. This, in turn, may lead to serious health issues that may lower their consumers’ productivity and healthy lifestyle. Likewise, individuals seek ways of being creative, funny, and lively while on video communication channels. As a result, Crest encourages consumers to be creative and energetic while being in video meetings without losing their smiles.

They encourage happiness, good health, and more smile from their consumers. While allowing them to be weird with filters from the video communication channels. That is why they are using the image of a beautiful kitten with white teeth and a smile on its face having pleasant moments on a Zoom video call. With that, you are not only happy with a big smile showing your white teeth; you are also sharing the smile with others while making them happy.

Target Audience

The target audience for this Crest ad are individuals that fall into the category of creatives. As well as business executives, employees attending virtual business meetups, or remote teams working for a remote company. This ad targets those people because they spend their days on platforms like Zoom due to the pandemic.

Whereas, there is a need to live healthily and be funny when you have the opportunity. Crest is beating the message in for professionals leveraging video communication channels to smile. While using their products to keep a healthy set of teeth with the kitten filter used. As promised, they are encouraging you to use their products to have white teeth, healthy gum, and fight against cavities. That’s because you will find it hard to smile if you don’t have a healthy set of teeth.


Crest is one of the nation’s leading toothpaste brands. And their consumer database keeps increasing because of their health concerns for their customers. As a result, they keep seeking ways to retain their customers further and turn them into life partners.

This Crest’s well-thought advertisement gives them the advantage to encourage consumers to pay attention to their dental health despite the restriction measures in place due to the pandemic. They recognized that consumers might be lost in the euphoria of catching up with many things since they are working remotely. As such, they are encouraging customers to be weird without losing their smiles.

That enhances customer retention and increases customer loyalty because customers will perceive them as a brand that encourages self-expression without prejudice.

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